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Lead Growth Hacker / Online Marketing Project Manager in Better Products

Salary Range: Between 1,000 and 3,000 US$ per month

Job Published on: March 22nd, 2021

Available to applicants based in: Anywhere

Years of Experience: 3+

I'm looking for a right hand to help me as an online marketer/project manager/growth hacker. On the one hand you need to be very good at using online tools yourself and on the other hand you need to have good communication and management skills when taking on responsibility for a project like a new funnel/homepage/CRM/etc and when you are working with specialists (i.e. designer, writer, devs, etc). This position is more for a (tech/online tools savvy) jack of all trades / mini-CEO than a specialist.

Long term, 12-20hrs per week position, which can grow if you perform well.

Required skills

  • Your background is either B2B online marketing or B2B software product management. Experience with B2B SaaS is a plus.
  • You have at least some experience managing other team members and working directly with clients
  • Ability to very quickly understand/learn online tools without any help (i.e. online marketing tools, CRM's and other B2B SaaS tools).
  • You know quite some tools that are often used by B2B SaaS businesses and worked with many of them.
  • You worked as growth hacker or allround online marketeer before.
  • You setup an entire marketing funnel (advertising, website, forms, drip) before (or major parts of it) (I'm not talking text and design, more the overall design and setup)
  • You love creating work processes/systems and automating routine tasks.
  • Ability to write step by step instructions/processes and follow them when needed.
  • Ability to communicate professionally, clearly and to the point with me and my clients.
  • Ability to manage and work with experts/teammembers for certain specialist tasks (i.e. design , development tasks, etc)
  • Precision and attention to details.
  • You can take a data-driven helicopter view of a marketing funnel, and ideally also diagnose issues and propose improvements.
  • You know several analytics tools, important marketing and sales KPI's and know how to get them from these tools
  • Nice to have: You have some understanding of B2B SaaS businesses, i.e. you know what a sales funnel is, you know what CAC and LTV are and know important KPI's in marketing.
  • You are a bit of a mini CEO, don't mind taking on tasks you never did before like hiring/interviewing a support agent.
  • You know typical job roles in a SaaS company and what they do (i.e. you are able to name some specialists that one could use in the setup of a homepage or a marketing campaign).

Example tasks

  • Setup a contact form on a website (i.e. with typeform) and connect it to a CRM (i.e. directly or with the help of zapier).
  • Improve the onboarding or retention in an online product.
  • Migrate from one CRM from A-Z including helping the users migrate without disrupting them too much.
  • Setup zaps ( to automate certain marketing tool-related tasks or diagnose why a certain zap has stopped working.
  • Figure out how to achieve a certain result with a certain SaaS tool.
  • Define processes for routine tasks (mostly of other team members)
  • Make a KPI report of a certain process (i.e. a marketing funnel), analyze weaknesses, come up with improvement proposals.
  • Find a SaaS tool that can do X. Or compare the features and reviews of top 3 SaaS tools for Y.
  • Project management of the setup of a new homepage or sales funnel from A-Z (with of course plenty of input from my side)

About us

  • B2B SaaS consultancy firm (Marketing/Sales/Product), focussed on data driven growth
  • Several SaaS clients at the same time
  • 10+ person distributed team

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