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Job Published on: October 16th, 2019

Microverse is a global, distributed school for software developers that doesn't charge students anything until they get hired.

We are backed by Y Combinator and other top tier investors from Silicon Valley, and our team works remotely from more than 7 countries. We are global citizens that are passionate about our mission and company values. Being remote-first and fully transparent, we are proud of the amazing remote culture we are building, while also making time for at least a few in-person meetups with team members each year.

At Microverse, there are no classes or physical classrooms. Instead, students learn through a very unique approach — by remote pair programming and collaborating with other students in real-time, just as they would with colleagues in a real company. We work with them to learn the skills to become world-class software developers, and don't charge them anything until they get a job.

Thanks to a unique peer-to-peer model that replaces teachers with students learning from and with each other, our low cost per student allows us to invest in untapped talent that no one else has access to. We have full-time students in 70+ countries, thousands of applicants per month from ~200 countries, and graduates from Nigeria to Mexico that have increased their salaries by 2-10x after completing the program.

Job Description

At the core of the role, we are looking for an experienced Product Manager (PM) who will be responsible for building solutions so we can combine the best of both worlds - technology and education - to create the most supportive online learning experience at scale. The work will require working with the development and design team for our proprietary software, but also with Student Success, Curriculum, Career Services, and of course, by talking to our students from all around the world and becoming their main cheerleader.

Our product is the learning experience for all our students. Some experiences we are developing include:
  • Integrating a 3rd party tool with our proprietary software to create an Absence Detection System
  • Automating responses to students to make the interactions with the Student Success Team to be more scaleable.
  • Systematically detecting collaboration and activity between coding partners during projects and pushing feedback or responses based on detected contribution levels
  • A work queue for our Technical Support Engineers to efficiently review and give feedback for every project students create
  • Admin tools to more efficiently review data or re-pair coding partners to improve processes and make them more scaleable in preparation for our continued rapid growth
  • Creating and implementing plagiarism detection software
  • Constantly working towards automations and scalability in every direction possible
This position is for someone that enjoys and understands the criticalness of looking at data, talking to students and other teams in Microverse (Student Success, Learner Experience and Career Services) to make the most informed decisions to continue prioritizing the tools and features we build for internal and external use.

As such, you are responsible for defining problems through qualitative data from user interviews and other quantitative methods of feedback, exploring options that scale, analyzing and prioritizing impact vs cost, writing requirements, and leading the implementation of the solution, whether through leading the development team to build software or integrating the solution yourself. You need to understand when to not reinvent the wheel and when to use existing tools on the market. To summarize, we're looking for a scrappy PM that knows that software isn't the only way to go!

This role reports to the Program Director, and works closely to create, maintain, and prioritize the product roadmap and measure results. Your efforts will enable a thriving community of students to transform their lives, help each other and contribute to their student experience by providing foundational support and accelerating their learning to become world-class developers.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Be the owner and driver for projects and initiatives that support continued student success, accountability, support and structure.
  • Initiate qualitative and quantitative data gathering by talking to students to shape the right improvements around a shared vision to prioritize feature development.
  • Use data to make decisions to build reports and dashboards.
  • Be the voice of our students by providing empathy to inspire the teams building out the learner experience
  • Manage the end-to-end process of conceptualizing software or process improvements, acting as the glue between technical and non-technical teams, or implementer of improvements.
  • Experience defining and running an efficient product development process, including backlog management, writing requirements, prioritization, roadmap communication, sprint planning, product requirements, and triage.
  • Develop KPIs and agile/development metrics for measuring progress at team and feature levels.

Education, Skills and Experience

  • 2+ years of experience as a Product Manager with a technical background working with Agile methodologies
  • Experience using analytics and data to inform product decisions and measure post-launch impact
  • Track record of effectively prioritizing, communicating and coordinating efforts across teams
  • Experience taking new product ideas from zero to one; skilled at iterative sprints
  • Structured and analytical thinking
  • Tools tools tools! You know tools, or know there is probably an existing tool out there and are not afraid to find it.
  • Experience conducting qualitative user interviews and quantitative research to explain and validate findings
  • Wireframe new features and work with the designer(s) to transform those into high fidelity designs
  • Experience leveraging a wide variety of product-based analytics and a method for balancing instinct and data
  • Experience working in a startup (fast-growth environment & technology-focused company)

You Ideally...

  • Have managed an online learning product
  • Have a good eye for design and understand the best practices in software development
  • Have worked remotely, especially for a startup
  • Will write the word "pineapple" somewhere in your cover letter
  • Are located in the UTC-1, UTC+0, UTC+1 or UTC+2 timezone
  • Have cross-cultural experience, or have lived in countries other than your home country
  • Have experience with SQL

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Microverse is an equal opportunity employer and acts in this capacity without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability.

NOTE: Our company has competitive and transparent salaries adjusted for cost-of-living in different geographies. Your salary will depend on experience as well as the average cost of living in your area using a custom-made salary calculator for remote-employees.

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