Senior Developer in Gower Street Analytics

Salary Range: Between 3,000 and 5,000 US$ per month

Gower Street Analytics is a well-funded growing startup doing predictive analytics and data science in the movie business. We have contracts with major movie studios that are household names, and we’ve just closed a Series A level funding round. We’re growing the engineering and data science team to 10 people, and are therefore looking for at least one senior developer with at least 5 years experience to join our team.

We code in a range of languages, including Clojure, ClojureScript, Python, R, Bash and JavaScript. We use Postgres and S3 for persistence, and host a range of web services and APIs with Docker, Terraform and AWS. These are 100% remote positions based anywhere in the UK, but you’re welcome to work from the London office part of the time should you choose to.

Here’s what you might expect on joining the tech team:

Within your first month

  • You shipped several things, pairing with other developers via tmux and video chat for much of your day.
  • You had lots of questions - we had lots of answers.
  • You are learning at least one piece of technology you are unfamiliar with, drawing on our strong tech culture of curiosity.
  • You’ve learnt how to work closely with other remote people on your team, adopting our strong remote-first culture. This is regardless of whether you’re working in the London office regularly, you’ve visited once, or you haven’t been at all.
  • You understood how Gower Street will significantly impact the future of the movie industry. You know our short term business goals, why they’re important and how we’re tackling them.

Within your first three months

  • You have continued pairing with others on all areas of the code, leading independently on areas you’re most familiar with.
  • You have an overview of the tech stack, naturally specialising in one or more areas.
  • You have been a part of one of our six week development cycles. You’ve seen how our process works from pitching ideas, negotiating scope and working in very small teams to completion.
  • You have worked with our film analyst team to improve their workflow, helping the company to estimate the movie box office worldwide.
  • You’ll have been coached weekly in Data Science, Software Development or Product Development (your choice)
  • By now you most likely will have been at a whole company meetup in London, working remotely the rest of the time.
  • You will likely have caused a bug that was fixed by a team member without any blame, and may have done the same for someone else. You will have improved our systems to minimise the impact of human error in future.

Within your first year

  • You have taught someone else what you have learned so far.
  • You shipped significant features that bring lasting value to our customers.
  • You attended two technical conferences to grow and learn, and perhaps as a speaker and ambassador for Gower Street.

About you

  • You are smart, get things done and love to ship features to customers.
  • You are keen to learn and try new languages, tools and technologies.
  • You are familiar with test-first development and functional programming. You will be comfortable in at least one programming language, perhaps more.
  • You are comfortable self-managing and working remotely over video chat for much of the day.
  • You are eligible to work in the UK, and are able to get to London once every few months.

Your benefits

  • You will earn over market salaries for on-site roles, even though we’re fully remote. We also contribute 2% of your salary to a pension.
  • You will get five weeks off a year, plus eight bank holidays, and private health insurance.
  • You will know exactly how your salary is calculated through our transparent compensation ladder, and what you need to do to progress.
  • As long as you’re available during our office hours, you can live and work anywhere you like in the UK.
  • You will choose your own working environment - you aren’t forced to work in a noisy open plan office.
  • You’ll get the chance to go to one “big” and one “small” technical conference each year. There will also be opportunities to go to film industry conferences from time to time, in places like Barcelona, Las Vegas, Miami and Hong Kong.
  • If you’re in easy reach of London, you will have opportunities to attend private screenings with distributors on an ad-hoc basis.
  • You will get what you need to work to start with us, including a large monitor, laptop, docking station and a decent office chair. We’ll also get you anything else you need as things move on.
  • You’ll get Wednesday afternoons to work on self-directed projects, individually or in groups, with the aim of personal improvement and innovation of new products.
Please note - salary range quoted is simply a guide and is very negotiable for a candidate who is a good fit.

How to Apply

Send CVs and a cover letter to We’re committed to being an equal opportunities employer. No agencies please.

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