We blend technology with business; our developers are at the same time managers, able to look at the project from tech and business perspective. Our priority is to deliver quality software: thoroughly tested, well-designed, and reviewed.

We specialize in distributed and big data systems, machine learning, data analytics, and blockchain.
SoftwareMill is a consulting & custom software development company, delivering services remotely, worldwide for over 9 years. We have a unique, 100% remote and flat structure.

There are 40 specialists in our team, mainly back-end software engineers, but also front-end senior engineers, DevOps, QA and UX.

On the technical side, we focus on JVM technologies and languages, such as Scala/Akka and Java. We use both NoSQL (Cassandra, Mongo) and SQL databases, streaming systems such as Kafka and data analytics such as Spark and Elastic. We are consulting partners of Lightbend, Datastax and Confluent.

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