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Join MeName: Join Me
Category: Video Conference
Languages: Multilanguage
Price: Freemium


App type / Devices/ OS:

  • Web / App

You need:

  • e-mail



  • 4/5


  • It’s very easy to use as allows connections from all devices and operating systems.

The best:

  • It has a free option and is cheaper than competitor. More reliable than free alternatives.


  • It doesn’t ask you if you want to store what you have recorded on your computer but directly stores it on the cloud.

The worst: 

  • None.

Do you consider it essential to:

  • Video conference.

How often do you use it?:

  • Weekly.

Do you know a competitor?:

  • Google Hangouts and GoToMeeting.

It can substitute:

  • Skype.

Does it allow you to save time?:

  • Yes. It allows me to do formal video conferences from my computer, allowing me also to share my screen, have a chat, send files and record conversations. If at any point there’s an issue with your connection you can also join from a phone line.

Is it easy to use?:

  • Yes, it is. It works with any major operating system and allows to record your conversation and store it directly on the cloud. It has a very straightforward interface too.

Support rating:

  • NA.

Why do you recommend it?:

  • Because it has a free option and the paid ones are cheap if compared with other tools that provide similar services, plus is easy to use on the go.


Date of publishing: 20/03/2016
Name & last name: Aleyda Solis
Tool “slogan”: “Video conferencing & screen sharing on the go”
Profession: International SEO Consultant
Company: Orainti &

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