Flaks Tarifa Kitesurf & Yoga workation

Kite and Yoga Retreat for Sporty Entrepreneurs

Tarifa Kite WorkationCoworking. Together with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs you’ll expand your network and get inspired.

Networking. A get-away in a beautiful place with smart like-minded people. Expand your network, get inspired and boost your business.

Kiting, Yoga, Outdoor fun.  Tarifa is Europe’s most vibrant kite-town with a very layed-back vibe, plenty of windy days and a beautiful scenery.

Flaks is the Norwegian word for ‘luck‘. Flaks is founded on the belief that entrepreneurs are increasingly location independent and that the Internet is also present in the most beautiful places in the world. We organise adventure holidays for flexible entrepreneurs because we believe that luck sometimes could use a hand. Have an unforgettable experience together in an inspiring setting and outdoor scene while you can co-work under a palm tree. That’s Flaks!

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