Lachlan Wells, Remote Based SEO with 6 years of Experience

Lachlan Wells - Remote Based SEOLachlan Wells is a remote based SEO Professional, looking for a new remote job:

  • Has 6 years of experience
  • Has been 2 years working remotely
  • Specialized in Local SEO, Link Building, Technical SEO
  • Find in LinkedIn and Twitter

1. Can you please share your experience highlights and achievements as a digital marketer?

I’ve helped more than 100 clients since 2013, from independently owned bicycle stores to national insurance companies. I’ve managed site migrations for businesses targeting multiple regions and languages and trained organisations on how to develop their own link building strategies. In 2017 I was invited to attend Google’s Local Guides Summit in recognition of my efforts to fight spam and educate small business owners about Google My Business optimisation.

2. What are your unique strengths as a digital marketer? Why do these companies need to hire you?

I’ve worked as a Copywriter, so I understand how to optimise copy without making it unreadable. I’ve also held in-house, agency and Marketing Manager positions where I developed a broad range of experience across SEO, PPC (Google, Facebook, Amazon) and Content Marketing, so I can integrate with a team.

3. What type of SEO roles or jobs are you interested in?

I’m passionate about Local SEO, so I’m always keen to work with physical businesses, whether they’re an independent retailer or a multi-location chain. Internationalisation and Javascript Rendering are also rewarding to work on, so I’m very open to Technical SEO challenges too.

4. How would you like to contribute in your next role? What’s the impact you wish to have?

Link building and content writing can’t be done solely by the SEO person. So I’d like to train an organisation on how they can create and implement link building strategies themselves and write content that’s effective without being over-optimised.

5. What type of companies would you love to work with and why?

I’m interested in working with companies in the not-for-profit sector, and particularly independently owned businesses. For German businesses, I would love to help with English translation.

6. Why do you work remotely?

I started working remotely in 2017 when I moved from Australia to Germany. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

7. How do you tackle remote work challenges? (productivity, communication, etc.)

I choose not to provide site audits or detailed advice for free. This allows me to provide much more comprehensive and personalised recommendations than otherwise.

I also invoice monthly and charge an hourly rate (as opposed to a project fee) so my clients can always see my progress and steps involved.

8. Is there anything else that you would like to share about you, personally or professionally?

I’m based in Berlin and am always available to meet clients locally if it works.

9. How can companies get in touch with you to talk more about a potential remote position?

You are welcome to contact me by any of these methods:

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