Launching an App with a Remote Team

The Library of Miss Gadish is recently launched app that brings story time and books to life for children 3 to 8-years-old and is the result of the passion and collaboration of a team of award-winning artists, animators, writers, educators, technology and parents.

What little people know is that Tali Gadish,  the founder, chose a remote, international team to do it so. We asked her about the reasons, benefits and challenges of developing and launching an app with a remote based team.

Can you please give us a little bit of background about the Library of Miss Gadish & the team organization?

I had learned English through books and entertainment – and felt that with the right tools there had to be a way for my kids to learn and enhance their English in a fun and interactive way – other than through our routine story time hour(s) together.  Thus my journey with the Library of Miss Gadish began…

The main personality traits that the entire team has in common:  1) Passion 2) Perfectionism 3) Self-Discipline; yet our geographical location is not one of the common threads at all.

Sure the core team started locally, but as our company grew from the initial 5, we started to become more widespread throughout the ‘time zones’.  Artists and animators from all over the world work together, and each person brings their own flare, style and touch which adds so much cultural diversity to our library experience.

We love our “global community” so much that it actually inspired an entire children’s travel series that is in development in collaboration with a few different artists from all over the world.  It’s a series dedicated to introduce children to different countries, food, language and cultures in a fun and ‘summarized’ way; to hopefully get kids more excited about traveling and open to different types of people in the world.

Which have been the advantages and disadvantages of launching the app while having a remote based team?

There are many advantages to working in “virtual offices”, among them two big ones being that:

  1. You are not limited with your options of people to work with – it’s based on talent rather than location.  One of the amazing artists I worked with on a story lives in Norway and turned out to be deaf.  I never even knew it until the project was completed.
  2. The obvious advantage being that there is no hefty office rent to add to your overhead costs, so you can use that cash on more developments for the business..

However, there are also disadvantages to being spread out globally:

  1. A LOT of trust is required in your team – A LOT.  And this is especially challenging since there are many cases in which you have never even met the person you are working with.
  2. You have to be very much on top of everyone, even more so than you might “normally” be, via frequent emails and calls to catch up and make sure everyone is on the same page and working together cohesively.
  3. Because of the timezone differences, you have to be ready to work almost 24/7 and almost every day of the week.  Countries have different allocations of weekends and weekdays – so you need to be ready to accommodate everyone’s different holiday and weekend schedule.  And same goes for time setup.  I used to stay awake all night speaking to people in California until I eventually broke and realized that in order for me to function consistently during my day, I need to set some limits and boundaries,
  4. Being organized and having it all in writing is even MORE important than ever!

For The Library Of Miss Gadish our current situation simply works, and we are always happy to welcome new interesting people from all walks of life.

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