The Las Palmas (Canary Islands) Digital Nomad & Remote Working Guide

Living in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, The Digital Nomad Guide

Las Palmas, Canary Island, is an upcoming digital nomad hotspot located in Europe, with mild weather, tons of fantastic coworking spaces, and lots of networking events for remote workers. If the weather and the price tag has been holding you back from living and working in Europe, look no further than Las Palmas.

1. What’s so great about Las Palmas for digital nomads and remote working professionals?

The weather

If you like breezy, sunny weather, Las Palmas should be your next stop. In fact, it is actually known as having the best climate in the world, with hot summers, mild winters, and warm autumns and springs.

Cost of living

Las Palmas is extremely affordable for a European destination. Renting a studio apartment in the center of the city will cost you around $506/month. A cup of coffee is about $2.25, although many of the coworking spaces offer free coffee to satisfy your caffeine cravings. For a city in Europe, the cost of living is fairly low.

Public transportation

Public transportation around the city is cheap and relatively easy. It will cost around $1.50 for a bus ride. Biking is also a popular way to get around, and there is a bike path that connects the north and south of the island, acting as a sort of highway between the two. Renting a bicycle can cost about $6 per day. Las Palmas is very walkable, but for longer distances renting a bike or taking the bus is an affordable option.

2. Where to live in Las Palmas as a digital nomad?

Las Palmas is a city that is very easy to navigate and get around from one area to the next. The main neighborhoods aren’t far from each other, and public transportation connects everything very efficiently. Wherever you choose to live in the city, you won’t really be far from wherever else you want to go.

Las Canteras is the neighborhood next to the beach, and is a very popular area among locals and tourists alike. This is the main beach in Las Palmas. Shops, coworking spaces, and just about anything else you could desire is within walking distance of Playa de Las Canteras.

Vegueta is the historic, old town area in the southern end of the city. It’s only about 15 minutes from Las Canteras, so whichever neighborhood you choose as your home base, you won’t be too far from the other. Every Thursday night, locals, tourists, and digital nomads alike flock to Vegueta for Tapas night. The bars and restaurants that line the streets have wine and tapas for just a few dollars. Tapas night is a very popular event you won’t want to miss, so if you live in the area make sure you make time to go out on Thursday nights.

3. Where to work in Las Palmas as a remote working professional?

Cafes are not popular work spaces in Las Palmas. You may see a few people working on their laptops from a cafe, but it’s uncommon. Coworking spaces are a much more ideal workspace for digital nomads in Las Palmas, and most of them have coffee anyway.

  • repeople Coworking – high-speed wifi and 24-hour access every day make this a great place to work if you maintain odd hours. It’s also minutes away from the most popular beach in Las Palmas. The workspace is located in the shopping district of Mesa y Lopez, one of the best areas downtown.
  • Nucleo – however, you prefer to work, whether it’s in teams, individually, or one-on-one with clients, there is a space for you at Nucleo. When you hit a midday slump, grab a cup of coffee or hit the fitness room so you can come back feeling focused on work again.
  • SWAP Coworking – situated in the city center, this space is perfect for collaborative work or having a client stop by for a meeting, and its 24/7 access is controlled by your fingerprint.

4. Where to network with other digital nomads in Las Palmas?

Networking with other digital nomads in Las Palmas is easy. There are so many social events organized by groups and cowork spaces, you’re sure to find something that fits your schedule and connects you with other remote workers.

  • MeetUp has regular social events for digital nomads in Las Palmas, visiting trendy restaurants or bars to relax with good food, good drinks, and other like-minded people. You can expect about 50 to 70 other people to show up to these events, so it won’t be hard to make new friends.
  • Gran Canaria Digital Nomads is a Facebook group for digital nomads living in and working from Gran Canaria. You can find things to do, places to stay, and people to connect with in Las Palmas.
  • repeople (before 2020 Nomad City Las Palmas) is an annual Conference in Las Palmas.

5. TL:DR; Which type of Digital Nomad is Las Palmas for?

Although Las Palmas isn’t as cheap as some of the digital nomad hotspots in South Asia, for a city in Europe it is exceptionally affordable. The mild weather and easily navigated streets make it easy to explore the beach or the historic old town, either by yourself or with new friends you’ve made at the many social events for digital nomads. The cowork spaces can meet all your needs with high speed wifi, free coffee, organized social outings, and different types of workspaces for solo work, teams, or meetings with clients. Las Palmas is an ideal destination for digital nomads interested in an affordable life in Europe, meeting other like-minded people.

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