The Valencia (Spain) Digital Nomad & Remote Working Guide

Living in Valencia as a Digital Nomad

Valencia, Spain is your new home away from home. It’s year-round beautiful weather, relaxed atmosphere, and friendly locals make it the perfect place to spend time as a digital nomad. Add to it reliable, fast internet,  a decent selection of coworking spaces, and weekly remote worker meet-ups make this a top pick if you’re eyeing Europe.

1. What’s so great about Valencia for digital nomads and remote based professionals?

The weather

Weather is one of the highlights in Valencia with a fantastic warm climate year round. During summers you can expect temperatures to hover around 25 degrees and be reasonably dry. If you’re not a fan of blazing heat, then we recommend the months of September to December, or March to June. These are ideal times to catch the sun without feeling like you’re about to get a heat stroke.

Cost of living

Valencia is extremely affordable. Renting a studio apartment in the most expensive areas of the city will cost you around $615/month while in a more affordable area it will average about $500/month. An average meal per person is $10 if you eat out, and less expensive if you’re able to cook in at your apartment. As a result, it’s possible to keep your total monthly expenses well under $1000 while living quite comfortably.


Getting around Valencia is fairly easy. Around the city center, everything will be within walking distance. Biking around is popular and there’s plenty of bike rental shops nearby. You can rent out a bike for 24 hours for $8-$10 and this price is inclusive of a bike lock which you’ll most certainly need as bike thefts can be common.   Public transportation is also accessible by using the local metro buses. A single journey is roughly $1.60 regardless of distance and you can get tickets from the driver. Taxis are also readily available with a starting price of $5. Be sure to have cash in small denominations with you as accepting credit cards is still quite rare in Valencia.

Reliable Internet

Valencia is great for its relatively inexpensive data plans as well as the widespread availability of free Wi-Fi in most establishments. Most coffee shops are guaranteed to offer free Wi-Fi and most public places have free WiFi such as at Turia park or Xativa train station. Vodafone, Orange, and Lebara are great network providers to pick up a local SIM with data.  You can get plans such as 7gb and 100 minutes with 4G speeds from Orange for only $25/month.

2. Where to live in Valencia as a digital nomad?

Valencia is an all-around safe and great city to live in regardless of the area. However, we recommend four popular spots that digital nomads usually base themselves at:

La Malva-Rosa, known as the beach area, is a bit away from the city center but is great for being near the ocean. Getting to the city is still easy by either biking or catching the metro. During low-season it may be a bit quieter, but there are still some ocean facing restaurants and beach activities going on. This place is known for lower rental prices so it’s a great way to save some money and catch stunning sunsets from your balcony.

The Algirós neighborhood is popular amongst students as it’s near the main city university. As student neighborhood accommodation is cheaper, there are plenty of cheap bars and restaurants. There are the occasional student parties and events which makes the area lively, but it is a bit away from both the city center and the beach which can make commuting an inconvenience.

Russafa district is known as the trendy part of Valencia. With a hipster-vibe, it’s lined with trendy boutique shops, cafés, and restaurants. With lots of pedestrian streets, bike paths, and an active young and hip local community. Russafa is excellent if you’d like to immerse yourself into the local lifestyle and experience the real Valencia. It’s also conveniently located close to the city center which makes commuting easier, though still a bit away from the beach area.

Finally, there’s Ciutat Vella, the city center. With stunning architecture, historic churches and many markets. This is the area to live in if you’d never like to run out of things to do and would like everything within walking distance. It’s the tourist hot spot, and as a result, you’ll find rental prices to be the highest here in Valencia.

Here are some handy links to help find a good spot to live in Valencia:

3. Where to work in Valencia as a remote based professional?

Co-working spaces

If you’re looking for a co-working space then there a few littered around Valencia. For daily use, you’re looking at spending ~$20. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Botani – located in the city center, this one’s a favorite for freelancers and digital nomads. With a botanic terrace, and multiple meeting rooms, this one’s a great spot if you’d like to remain in the city center.
  • Vortex – if you’re looking to be near the beach then Vortex is the place to go. Small meeting rooms and larger workshop rooms are also available to book, and they host community events each Wednesday so it’s a great way to meet other remote workers.
  • A2 Coworking – known for promoting a more social scene, A2 is great to work out of if you’re near the L’Olivereta area. It’s near countless restaurants and a river if you ever need to get away for a quick mind-clearing stroll.
  • Wayco – with two locations in Ciutat and Russafa this one’s the most popular spot for workers. It’s known to be the most flexible in terms of workspace you can pick from and the plans you can choose. They also have a beautiful outdoor terrace which doubles as a great way to make new friends over lunch break.

Coffee shops

If you prefer working from coffee shops then there are plenty with strong Wi-Fi and accessible outlets in Valencia. Here are a few of our favorite guides offering some great spots:

4. Where to network with other digital nomads in Valencia?

With its growing expat and digital nomad scene, Valencia is slowly starting to see various networking groups for that host weekly meet-ups. Here are a few worth joining to meet fellow remote workers:

  • Valencia Digital Nomad meet-up group – this is a casual small meet-up group for fellow digital nomads to organize events together.
  • Valencia Digital Nomads – a Facebook community of digital nomads currently in Valencia.
  • Expats in Valencia/Hi-VLC – a meet-up group broader than just the digital nomad community for those looking to meet other expats.
  • Expats en Valencia, España – an active Facebook group for expatriates currently living in Valencia.
  • Expats in Valencia – run by an expat, this is also a larger group boasting current and former expats in Valencia worth joining to learn more about the city and meet fellow remote workers.
  • Things to do in Valencia – a less expat oriented group but used to participate in locally organized events.
  • Outdoors Workouts Valencia – if you’re looking for outdoor work-out activities but also meet fellow travelers and locals, this a great meet-up group to be a part of to attend their member events.

5. TL;DR: Which type of Digital Nomad is Valencia for?

If you’re eyeing Europe but need a place that doesn’t break the bank and digital nomad friendly, then Valencia is for you. Mainly if the following are appealing:

  • Thriving expat and digital nomad community with plenty of organized events to meet follow remote workers.
  • Beautiful year-round warm weather and plenty of sun.
  • Looking for a mix of cultural attractions as well as the beach life.
  • Quaint, relaxed local culture that’s safe and friendly towards expats.

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