Best Online Meeting & Appointment Scheduling Tools Today

Online Appointment Scheduling ToolsScheduling whether in person or online meetings and appointments can be a fuss.

The person in charge of scheduling meetings and appointments often gets overwhelmed when it’s a meeting among many people and the process to find available times for all can easily become challenging -especially if they’re located in different time zones- .

That’s where online meeting and appointment scheduling tools can come in handy.

Online meeting/appointment scheduling tools eliminate the hassle of the process and as they can help you to handle everything automatically: From booking to rescheduling and canceling online meetings or appointments, scheduling software solutions can do it all!

In today’s piece, we’ll be showcasing six of the best online meeting / appointment scheduling tools that will help you to save time, manage meetings on the go, and remove human errors. So without further ado, let’s explore the options!

1. Calendly (Free – US$12 per user/month)

Founded back in 2013, Calendly is a free online appointment scheduling software. With Calendly, teams, companies, and organizations can find the perfect meeting time and say goodbye to the manual emailing and phone meeting booking process.

It’s simple to set up Calendly; all you need to do is just create the rules and regulations about your availability preferences. After that, just let Calendly work its magic! Calendly will automatically handle the scheduling process for you based on your set availability.

Once everything is set up and Calendly is aware of your availability preferences, you can create online meetings and appointments with a single click. Then, to share the awareness of the meetings and appointments with your client, Calendly lets you share links via email, or you can embed it in your forum.

After sharing the embed link, your client can easily request a meeting or appointment according to your availability preferences. Once it’s confirmed by your client, your calendar will automatically update, and you’ll be able to see the events.

Calendly gives you control, flexibility, calendar integrations, time zone intelligence, and more!

2. Doodle (US$4.49 – US$30 per month for 5 users)

Another great online scheduling tool is Doodle. With Doodle, you can easily schedule meetings with clients, colleagues, friends, and more. Doodle gives you the ability to book meetings faster and get things done quickly.

Doodle stresses the fact that you shouldn’t be tackling tens of emails manually to set one or two meetings. With Doodle, you skip past the guessing game of emails by giving a clear view of your availability preferences. This means your client will easily be able to see when you are free and when you are away.

Another benefit with Doodle is that it lets you and your client check availability across time zones. This way, you nor your client have to juggle between time zones and busy schedules or, most importantly, miss the key players of the meeting or appointment!

Busy people love Doodle because of its great features like 1:1 meetings, time blocks, group meetings, and more!

3. NeedToMeet (Free – US$ 19 per user/month)

With NeedToMeet, simplifying the online meetings or appointments has become super easy and straightforward. NeedToMeet is an online meeting and appointment scheduler tool that make things easy by merely sharing your availability with your clients, friends, and coworkers.

Scheduling online meetings and appointments with NeedToMeet is divided into four sections. First, you have to enter the meeting details. Then, you can suggest dates and times when you would like to schedule the online meeting or the appointment. After that, you are able to pick attendees. And finally, it’s easy to choose a common time and date that works for everyone according to their availability preferences!

NeedToMeet gives you access to great features like easy polling, custom URLs, notifications, comments, dashboard, multi-platform, and more! With NeedToMeet, scheduling your online meeting or appointment is just a few clicks away. You can try out NeedToMeet for free today, so what are you waiting for?

4. Rally (Free)

Unlike previous online scheduling tools, Rally works a little bit differently. Rally focuses on the voting system to schedule a meeting or appointment. But despite its simplicity, the platform is still one of the best tools in the game.

With Rally, first, you have to create a page for your upcoming meeting, event, or appointment and share it with the attendees. Then, on that page, you and the attendees can discuss the details about the meeting or appointment. Lastly, to figure out the best date and time, every attendee will have the power to vote. And that’s about it!

Rally is an entirely free collaborative scheduling tool that lets you schedule meetings, appointments, and events in a snap.

5. X.AI (Free – US$ 12 per user/month)

Founded back in 2014, X.AI is an instant meeting scheduler. Join X.AI for free to experience automatic instant scheduling with all of your contacts! X.AI automatically schedule all of your meetings, appointments, and events for you according to your availability.

X.AI gets directly connected to your calendar and analyzes your availability criteria to set up future meetings and appointments. With X.AI, you can share a link to time options or let the tool send them directly to your other attendees.

When you send a link to your clients, or guests, they will be able to pick a time and date according to your availability preferences. Once they have set the date and time, your calendar will automatically be updated, and you’ll be notified about the event. X.AI is one of the best and genius scheduling tools. Start using it today for free!

6. Woven (Free – US$ 10 per month)

Last but certainly not least, Woven is an all-in-one calendar application with a powerful meeting scheduler included. Woven allows you to plan your days, weeks, and years with the help of multiple calendars in one place.

With the Woven app, you can directly schedule all your events, appointments, meetings, and more. From video integration to scheduling and joining calls, Woven lets you do it all without any need for third-party tools.

Mastering time management is just a piece of cake with Woven as it lets you seamlessly juggle between work, personal responsibilities, and more. Woven is excellent for people who need a one-stop-shop scheduling solution.


The online scheduling tools we mentioned in this piece are perfect for everyone. Feel free to tell us which tool you have picked for yourself.

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