Nikki Halliwell, Remote Based SEO +3 Yrs Experience

Nikki Halliwell - Remote Based SEONikki Halliwell is a remote based SEO specialist looking for a new full time SEO job, whether in-house or agency side, immediately available for hire.

  • Has +3 years of experience in SEO
  • Has been +1 year working remotely
  • Specialized in Strategic and Technical SEO
  • Find via: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

1. Can you please share your experience highlights and achievements as an SEO professional?

While working for my previous agency, we had been working with a large property management and hospitality company for a number of years and they had recently launched a new website.

This website was built with external developers and came with a lot of page loading issues as well others affecting crawlability. After communicating our concerns with the key stakeholders at the business and communicating the needs and solutions with the new development team we were able to implement the necessary fixes. We then outlined a specific content plan to help establish the client as a trusted voice within their industry, as well as building their authority within their 3 primary locations.

As a result of these actions, as well as the wider strategy, we were able to increase their traffic by 84% YoY and increase their hotel bookings by 239% across the same period. This also contributed to them winning The Sunday Times Best Hotel in the North of England in 2019.

2. What are your unique strengths as an SEO? Why do these companies need to hire you?

I love to dig into analytics and find problems before they happen and solve them before they become an obstacle. I use data to explain what is happening and design a clear and strategic plan of action. 

I also have strong experience in technical SEO and regularly conducted website audits and use these to inform quarterly strategies. I have also been involved in a number of successful website migrations across many platforms. 

I’ve worked on everything from small, local company websites up to large, ecommerce websites including high-street names. My work has covered lots of industries including both B2B and B2C services, health and beauty, finance, real estate, arts, retail and wholesale and more. 

3. What type of SEO roles or jobs are you interested in?

Ideally I would love to be an SEO Manager / Consultant, or similar, at either an in-house or agency position that allowed me to work with a like-minded and passionate team of good people that are working to achieve the best results for clients.

4. How would you like to contribute in your next SEO role? What’s the impact you wish to have?

I would like to be working with stakeholders that have specific KPIs that need to be met and have a close relationship with these. I enjoy working with the development teams too so we can meet specific targets and achieve tangible results. 

5. What type of companies would you love to work with and why?

I love to work with companies that are self-motivated and experts in the field. I believe it’s important to communicate information clearly back to the clients and to do so in a way that they understand and care about. 

Most importantly though, I love to work with others that genuinely care about the work they do.

6. Why do you work remotely?

Working remotely has enabled me to spend more time focused on the task at hand and to ensure that I am delivering what is expected. I’m known to go above and beyond for the client and exceed expectations and I’ve found that working remotely allows me to do this to an even higher standard. 

Without other distractions, and by setting myself up in my home office, I’ve found that I have even greater motivation to begin work in the morning. 

7. How do you tackle remote work challenges? (productivity, communication, etc.)

I regularly communicate with team members via calls or through Slack messages etc. This makes a big difference and ensures that everyone is working towards the same goals. 

I also use my calendar to plan my time and set out a to-do-list for the day and use this to fuel my productivity. 

8. Is there anything else that you would like to share about you, personally or professionally?

I can successfully create, scale, and optimise client SEO strategies leading to growth and ROI. I keep the client at the heart of everything I do and while I trust my gut instinct, I always use statistics to back up any decisions.

I enjoy meeting new people and hearing fresh perspectives too and have attended countless networking events across Manchester to build my own network while simultaneously raising the profile of the company in the city. 

9. How can companies get in touch with you to talk more about a potential remote position?

You can send me an email or use this contact form on my website if you’d like to get in touch.

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