Nomad City Las Palmas

Nomad City, you can enjoy this wonderful place by participating into one of the greatest digital nomads events in the world.

The Nomad City events are a fantastic opportunity to learn and experience Las Palmas de Gran Canaria together with 150 digital nomads like you, from around the globe. Apart from discovering the Canary Islands through bus tours, hiking or city trips, you can also attend the digital nomads talks and even a nomad cruise farewell party.

Nomad City Las Palmas 2017

  • Category: Location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads all over the world.
  • Place: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • Start Date: 18th 
  • Finish Date: 23rd of September, 2017
  • Price: 149€ (You can get the ticket here).
  • Organized by: Nomad City
  • Language: English
  • URL:
  • For: professionals from different working areas, independent workers, and digital nomads.

Full Program:

Outdoor Activities: 18th–21st September

  • 18/9 – Surf & Skate Day
  • 19/9 – Shepherd’s Path Hike
  • 20/9 – Dolphin Watching & Hidden Beaches by Boat
  • 21/9 – Urban Lovers – Discover Nomad City

Workshops: 22nd September

  • Jimmy Naraine: “Destroying the Fear of Presenting & Building Bestselling Video Courses”.
  • David Macía (Video Lean): “Increase your engagement in social networks with inbound video”.
  • Inés Bach (Welovroi): “How to make most of your digital marketing effortless with Welovroi”.
  • Julie Clark, Brooks Golden, Marine Siegle, Breanne Lawrence  (Capa Consulting Group): Each workshop participant would receive a 20 minutes one-on-one coaching session on 1.Resume Revamp; 2. LinkedIn Profile Optimization; 3. Mock Interview for Remote Work; 4. Career Coaching; 5. Remote Tool Training.
  • Jerome Knoot (MarketingBright): “How to sell info products and Saas with SEO”.

Talks: 23rd September

  • Eryn Peters (Toptal): “Building Culture on Remote Teams”.
  • Jessica Yubas (Capa Consulting): “5 Secrets Hiring Managers Don’t Want You to Know About Hiring Remote Workers”.
  • Richard Clarke, Martin Studencan, Haz Memon, Nacho Rodriguez: “Panel: Coworking and Coliving”.
  • Tobias Kammann (edataconsulting): “Remote Work and Virtual Reality Telepresence. Experiences on IT work between Las Palmas – Germany and our future in a VR metaverse”

…………and there’s much more to come

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