Nomad Misfits Month

Nomad Misfits MonthNomad Misfits Month

This is an event for the weirdo digital nomads. The nerds, the queerzz, and all those who don’t quite it into the main digital nomad scene. Let’s all descend on Berlin for the month of June to create a rad likeminded nomad family for a month.

  • Category: Long Term Retreat.
  • Location: Berlin, Germany.
  • Start Date: 2019-06-01.
  • Finish Date: 2019-07-01.
  • Price: 80€.
  • Organized by: Nicole Abramowski.
  • Language: English.
  • URL
  • For: weirdo digital nomads.


Nomad Misfits Month is aimed at digital nomads, entrepreneurs and remote workers of all levels, as well as long-term travelers and the non-traditionally employed (maybe you work seasonally and travel the rest of the year, etc.). We are more a social and community event than a business conference, though for sure there will likely be some masterminds, skillshares, etc. scattered about as part of the activities.

The first two weeks of the month will be scattered with activities to help you get to know the city and each other. The second two weeks are up to you, DIY baby. Want some people to go on a food tour with you? Suggest it. Maybe you wanna do a workshop on Facebook Ads? Done. Maybe you have a presentation about all the street cats you saw in SE Asia? I’ll help you schedule a little presentation and find a space. At the end, for those who choose, we’ll close out with a more intimate retreat in the countryside outside Berlin at a co-working/retreat center to get our nature on. Think morning yoga, daytime hikes, and evenings around the campfire.

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