Name: PukkaTeam
Tool Category: Communication
Tool Language: English
Price: Paid

Tool Description:
Bring your remote team together with real team presence, automated selfie photos, simple 1 click video calls and see their status throughout the day.

PukkaTeam lets you see the faces of the people you work with throughout the day, giving you real presence, improving company culture and team building


Your Review of The Tool:
A virtual workplace. The only online “team” communication tool that is completely thought for ongoing remote team communication, allowing to easily keep interaction as if they were all together, seeing the presence and status of each team member (and their availability to talk), easily allowing to start a call, send messages through slack, etc.

Rate the Tool:

What are the tool “pros” & benefits?:

  • Browser based
  • Integration with other communication tools such as Slack or Skype
  • Offers a pixelated mode option for higher privacy
  • Supports video calls directly (without having to connect with other tools)

What are the tool “cons” & issues?: 

  • Doesn’t offer a free option, just a free 14 days trial
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