Reconciled’s Entrepreneur Summit 2019

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Reconciled is hosting their Entrepreneur Summit on October 17, 2019 in their hometown of Burlington, Vermont to be sponsored by Intuit, among other industry leaders. Reconciled is an online bookkeeping and accounting service for entrepreneurs and small businesses that has been recognized as the “Firm of the Future” by Intuit Quickbooks.

Aside from being a scenic venue overlooking Lake Champlain, the draw of a Burlington location also includes its reputation as a tech hub having fostered the growth of juggernauts like, MyWebGrocer and NRG Systems.

The Entrepreneur Summit is attracting entrepreneurs from all over the country to come and learn about launching and scaling an online services business while networking with the best in the business. Our presenter lineup features entrepreneurs who have built seven-figure businesses that leverage the latest in cloud-based technology with a remote-team approach

Our speakers include

  • Tammy Bjolland, Founder of Workplaceless
  • Laura Pillsbury, CEO of Humnly
  • Michael Ly, CEO of Reconciled
  • Laurie Pulido, CEO of Ease Learning
  • Mark Crow, President of Tenth Crow Creative
  • Cheryl Eaton, Director of Guru Media Solutions
  • Joshua Sturgen, Co-Founder of EmberTribe
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