Remo: Online Office Space for remote teamsName: Remo
Tool Category
: Communication
Tool Language: English
Price: Free

Tool Description:
Remo is an Online Office Space for remote workers. It brings all the remote teammates together with audio and video functions. So you can work faster!.


Your Review of The Tool:
The tool brings our entire distributed team together. All our meetings, hallway conversation, watercooler session, and Christmas party are held in Remo! We now have a home to gravitate to while working remotely together.

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What are the tool “pros” & benefits?:

  • Frictionless communication: Enter rooms and talk to you remote teammates immediately.
  • Build meaningful relationships: Have watercooler moments anytime and reduce loneliness.
  • Video and audio first: Designed for more frequent high-resolution communication.
  • Custom built for solo-deep work and hyper-collaborative group projects: Show your real-time status and control your availability to your team as you want.

What are the tool “cons” & issues?:

  • The Online Office Map is unable to be customized.

Review made by: Keith Chan

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