Top Platforms to Use When Hiring, Paying and Managing Global Remote Teams

Remote Hiring PlatformMany businesses today operate on a remote work platform. While it was common for companies to offer hybrid options for their full-time employees before March 2020, the sudden switch to working from home full-time left the door wide open for remote platforms to emerge.

Some of these platforms are better than others. Overall, business owners should look for a platform that can handle their day-to-day operations and their number of employees. As work-from-home software evolves, most platforms have outstanding features that strive to make remote work simple.

Business owners and managers need software that will allow their employees to collaborate seamlessly. If you’re unhappy with your current remote work platform or shopping for options, you’ll find this article helpful.

A Side Note: Remote Work vs. Working From Home

Many people believe that these phrases are interchangeable. In some settings, they are, but it’s crucial to note the difference. The term “working from home” implies that the situation is temporary. For example, in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, most people were “working from home,” intending to return to the office.

However, as the pandemic exploded and then began to slow, it became clear that offices worldwide were turning to “remote” work as the norm. Remote work is a wholly different approach allowing team members to work from anywhere they want, whether their homes, coffee shops, coworking spaces, while traveling etc., and because of that, it needs additional support when hiring or paying a team that can be spread around the world.

Here are some of the best platforms for those who have taken their business entirely virtual and are open to hire around the world.


deelDeel is a fantastic global remote platform that features payroll and compliant hiring. You can hire anyone (in minutes) through the Deel platform, providing companies everywhere the ability to hire legal employees and contractors right when they’re needed.

Deel allows users to create legalized, local contracts in over 150 countries. You can easily automate your onboarding, payroll, and compliance processes, and teams get to decide how they withdraw their funds.

Deel has the software capability to handle taxes, but you might want to have an accountant take a look. This platform is genuinely built for international teams, though it can get pricey ($599/month per full-time employee) depending on how many employees you have.

Deel Pros

  • Reasonable transaction fees
  • Advanced security features
  • Readily available customer support
  • User friendly

Deel Cons

  • Expensive
  • No way to trace transaction fees


remoteRemote claims to be the new software giant in terms of working remotely on a global scale. Like most other remote work platforms, Remote offers international payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance for businesses of all sizes.

Remote has an impressive client list and allows companies to hire contractors and full-time employees anywhere in the world easily. This platform offers a “local entities” feature that places experts on a global scale to help hiring managers to find talent quickly.

Remote features country-specific benefit packages, which is a fantastic way for employers to dip into talent pools in other countries. With Remote, you’ll have no problem paying your global team in their local currency on time, and the platform is affordable, starting at $299 per month per full-time employee.

Remote Pros

  • Helpful support team
  • Transparent legal practices
  • The first remote employee is free
  • User friendly
  • Fast integration into business process
  • Reasonable pricing

Remote Cons

  • Confusing payment interface
  • Not all countries included in customer service


PantherPanther is a remote platform that makes hiring anyone easy, regardless of location. The platform features borderless payroll, benefits, and compliance for all remote teams. With a presence in over 160 countries, Panther does most of the heavy footwork for business owners, handling the legal components of hiring within minutes.

The Panther payroll feature is one of the easiest to use of any remote platform we’ve tried. You can pay every contractor or employee you have in their local currency in one click, and the interface is easy to navigate. With access to local, private health insurance, you’ll pull in attractive talent without spending a fortune.

Panther offers a flat fee of $499 per month per full-time employee. To discuss additional pricing options, you’ll have to contact customer service.

Panther Pros

  • Straightforward onboarding process
  • One-click payroll system
  • Automated compliance
  • Quick global team building

Panther Cons

  • Pricey depending on business size
  • Customer support could be more available


boundlessBoundless boasts that users can now hire internationally without obtaining an international law degree, and that particular business claim is accurate. Human Resources and People Operations specialists built the Boundless platform, which is one of its best aspects. It’s genuinely a platform that understands what its users need regarding successful remote work.

Expert support, stellar security, compliance, automated payroll, and a quick and easy onboarding process make Boundless a go-to software solution for many remote-based companies. Boundless pricing is straightforward and pretty fair as far as remote software goes, and they will charge you 8% of your monthly payroll to use the platform.

The Boundless customer service team makes setup a breeze. They offer a complimentary consultation and guarantee a 24-hour turn-around regarding support requests.

Boundless Pros

  • Straightforward pricing
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Easy setup
  • Free consultation
  • Automated payroll

Boundless Cons

  • Pricing may not work for small teams


remote teamRemoteTeam provides all the Human Resources solutions you need for your remote team at an incredibly affordable price. The monthly subscription is $14.99 per person, while the annual subscription is only $11.99.

These reasonable prices can add up depending on how large your company is, but overall, RemoteTeam is a super choice for smaller companies that have gone remote. Also, it’s important to note that RemoteTeam currently works with companies that hire independent contractors only.

Still, the payroll features are fantastic and easy to use. The platform features time-tracking and the ability for your contractors to send invoices for work done away from the computer. You can easily manage time-off and holiday requests, and RemoteTeam will seamlessly handle all of your legal contracts and tax forms.

RemoteTeam Pros

  • Amazing pricing
  • All legal contracts are taken care of
  • Time-tracking feature
  • Simple invoicing
  • Global payroll

RemoteTeam Cons

  • Independent contractors only
  • It can get pricey if you have a large team


oysterIf you’re looking to expand your team across borders, Oyster might be the right remote platform choice! With clients such as Safety Wing Insurance, Hubble, and Quora, Oyster is successful in the way they help businesses work on a remote model.

Oyster allows businesses to hire in days, no matter how many miles between the HR department and the new employee. The hiring process is near-seamless, requiring very little work on both ends other than conducting the interview. Oyster offers in-country HR expertise, so you’re never left in the dark concerning policies regardless of the country in which you hire.

With Oyster, all contractors and employees will receive equity and inclusive medical benefits suited to where they live in the world. While Oyster works well for management and business owners, they focus on a great employee experience, which helps attract high-quality people with genuine talent.

Oyster has a few pricing options, and they’re all decent. Small teams can try Oyster Lite for free, while larger businesses that need more from the platform start at $399 per month per employee. The enterprise tier pricing is not readily available and, instead, is custom-made depending on your needs.

Oyster Pros

  • Great pricing for small teams
  • Superb localized customer service
  • Focus on employee experience
  • Handle compliance, taxes, and legal hiring process

Oyster Cons

  • The hefty price jump from the lite software to business


PilotPilot is an up-and-coming remote platform that offers all the good stuff you want from your remote software, including payroll, compliance, employee benefits, and an easy onboarding process. You can hire and pay employees or independent contractors worldwide.

The Pilot platform offers top-level security features to keep your company and employee data safe. Pilot gives access to over 160 countries if you plan to hire full-time employees. However, if you operate primarily with independent contractors, you’ll find that you can utilize Pilot in more than 240 countries. That aspect alone makes Pilot a front-runner for talent.

The payroll platform on Pilot is really streamlined, which makes it easy for both payroll and employees to operate. Pilot does offer world-class benefits in over 170 countries as well. Still, it’s important to note that those benefits will not likely apply to your independent contractors, which is typically the norm.

With automated tax compliance, locally compliant contracts and forms, and a generally bulletproof IP system, Pilot makes working remotely easy and safe. Business owners can rest easy knowing that Pilot has their back, especially regarding pricing.

Pilot charges a $29 flat-rate fee per contractor per month. If you onboard full-time employees, you’ll pay $299 per employee for the middle tier package and $459 per employee for the top tier. Overall, the Pilot prices are near unbeatable.

Pilot Pros

  • Affordable pricing for teams of all sizes
  • Top-notch security
  • Great localized benefits
  • Vast access capabilities
  • Extensive talent pool
  • Efficient tax compliance

Pilot Cons

  • Support is not always as responsive as they claim
  • Security measures can make for a trick log-in (but worth it)


workableWorkable is the world’s leading talent acquisition software that’s more than just an applicant tracking system. With Workable, you get to find the right candidates, evaluate applicants, and make hire decisions according to your needs.

With Workable iOS and Android application, you can easily screen resumes, schedule interviews, and evaluate candidates from just about anywhere. The mobile apps’ easy-to-use interface lets all the non-geeks easily engage and make the most out of all the available features.

Hiring people from different parts of the world can be a bit risky. But Workable has got you and your employees covered! This tool meets worldwide security and data protection standards to keep you and your employees safe.

Automated compliance features, word-class partners, fast & global support, and easy onboarding are some of the key selling features of Workable!

  • Support through the search, evaluation and hiring process of global talent
  • 700+ job description templates, 390+ sample interview questions, and 50+ HR and hiring templates
  • Doesn’t provide payroll, or compliance features, only hiring related ones
  • Cost $99 per job per month


MistroMistro provides remote teams with the benefits and perks they need to stay productive and engaged. From healthcare to birthday celebrations to equipment, Mistro will back it all up for your remote team.

With Mistro, you can build a plan for everyone and everywhere. You can create, edit, and customize plans by region, team member, tenue, and more. There’s no stopping you from being creative and giving benefits to your workers in unique ways.

Your team will be able to claim the benefits and perks through the Mistro Benefits Card. All the transactions and purchases will be categorized and managed automatically for your ease and comfort.

  • Customize benefit plans according to various filters
  • Create plans for everyone in your team
  • Mistro Benefits Card
  • Doesn’t provide hiring, payroll, or compliance features, only benefit related ones

These solutions and tools will assist you to take your remote HR, legal compliance, and payroll departments on a whole new level. Pick one that suits your needs and start making the most of it today!

Finding the Right Remote Platform for Your Business

When choosing a remote software platform, you must ensure that it fulfills your specific business needs. It helps to make a list of the most important things to your company’s daily operations and choose the platform that can automate those operations for you on an international scale.

Remote platforms have come a long way in just a couple of short years, doubling in size and multiplying in capabilities. Remote work gives even the smallest of businesses access to a global talent pool, and that in itself is pretty amazing.

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