Are you an experienced professional who had been working remotely and who’s looking for a new job/to be hired as a remote employee?

If so, we’ve opened a new section called “Remoters Job Seekers“, featuring professionals looking for a job with interviews to give them exposure, giving more context about their professional experience and goals, that cannot be usually found in generic professional platforms, including information about their experience, specialization, strengths, achievements, what they’re looking for, that show why companies need to hire them and refer companies that are a better fit for them too. Check out at this interview example.

If you comply with the above mentioned characteristics (you’re an experienced professional, who has remote work experience, looking for a job as a remote employee) and want to be featured, please answer the following questions (please note that we reserve the right to not publish the interview if we find that is not a good fit or if too many questions have been left without an answer):

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