Remote Year 2017

Travel the world while working remotely…If that’s your dream, stop dreaming and make it happen! Applications for Remote Year 2017 are now open!

Remote Year is a retreat, bringing together a community of 75 digital nomads from across the globe to spend a year traveling, working and exploring 12 cities around the world. You’ll be member of a team paving the way for a digital nomad lifestyle and shaping the future of work.

Remote Year 2017 retreat

  • Category: Digital nomads and remote workers wanting to travel the world while working remotely.
  • Place: Europe, Asia, South America.
  • Start Date: Programs will launch frequently throughout 2017 and vary in start dates and finish dates.
  • Price: $5.000 initial payment+$2.000 each month for the first 11 months.
  • Organizated by: Remote Year, a group of interesting people traveling together while working remotely.
  • Language: English
  • URL:
  • For: professionals from different working areas, independent workers and digital nomads.


The itinerary is:

  • March – Split, Croatia
  • April – Prague, Czech Republic
  • May – Lisbon, Portugal
  • June – Sofia, Bulgaria
  • July – Belgrade, Serbia
  • August – Valencia, Spain
  • September – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • October – Córdoba, Argentina
  • November – Lima, Peru
  • December – Medellin, Colombia
  • January 2018 – Bogota, Colombia
  • February 2018 – Mexico City, Mexico

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