#Remoters News & Updates: Remote Based Jobs section, Events & More

Remoters NewsChange of direction – farewells, fantastic releases and our 1st Coworkation Remoters event!

The month of August ended with a full stop. Summer has allowed us not only to rest a little, but also to finish developing new website features, to make decisions and to change the focus of this project a little. Here are some of the updates we already have for you:

  • We are launching #RemotersJobs: For some time now we have known that one of the most interesting parts of the website the remoters community is interested in is the jobs one. We already had a job aggregator, linking to jobs we identified as remote offers on different job websites, but they were not very well structured, nor organized by category. It was hard to compare them and find the one that fits you better, so our main objective was to create a space where we could list all the companies hiring in remote and their job offers. We’ve finally managed to develop it this summer and here it is, in beta: #RemotersJobs .
    Take a look at it and let us know what you think about it, you can send us your feedback through this form. Moreover, if you have a company hiring remote workers and you want to list it on our website, you can add it here and if you want to publish a job offer, that’s also possible, here!
  • Change of #remoter direction: One of our co-founders, Christian Oliveira, has decided to enjoy being 100% remoter and he’s leaving on a no coming-back date trip through Southeast Asia. He wants to fully focus on the experience he will live and this is why he will no longer be part of Remoters. We wish Christian the best in his remoter adventure! You can follow his trip on RandomTrip.
  • Launch of #RemotersTrips guides: We’ve shared our summer experience in Portugal through our Overland journey along the beaches guide (now, only available in spanish version), and also gave you some, tips on how to work on remote on the internet in Portugal (now, only available in spanish version). We’re gonna share more of our experiences with you and also invite you to share your best experiences and tips with us, as we will post them in our trip section. We really hope this section of the website will become a really useful resource for all the remoters and travellers.
  • 1st #CoworkationRemoters in Fuerteventura: We’ve organized the first Coworkation event with Remoters and we’re going with some colleagues to Fuerteventura. We’re all digital nomads and what we’ll do is combine work wit surf, as this is what we know best. We will let you know more details about the event as soon as possible.

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