RescueTimeRescuetime is an app that tracks what you do in your computer, without the need of any action from your part. Generates reports about time of usage of Websites, sites categories, tools in a selected period of time. The best is measure your computer usage without having to do anything additional.

Name: Rescuetime
Category: Productivity
Languages: English
Price: Freemium


App type / Devices/ OS:

  • Mobile & Web app

You need:

  • Nothing, you can use it without signing-in



  • 5/5


  • Incredibly comfortable to use as soon as you open it
  • Easy to use 
  • There are many reports available
  • Allows to customize the Websites & tools categorization to better track the productivity
  • Allows to establish usage goals to track productivity and distractions
  • Allows to see what’s your better day and time to work

The best: 

  • Measure your computer usage without having to do anything additional


  • In the free version you can’t add the time when you’re offline
  • You can’t use it to track time in projects

The worst: 

  • Nothing to say

Do you consider it essential to:

  • To know where do you lose your time when you’re in your computer and optimize your work time

How often do you use it?:

  • Daily

Do you know a competitor?:

  • No

It can substitute:
Does it allow you to save time?:

  • Yes. When seeing the reports I try to spend less time in those activities I know are not productive. It allows you to establish a commitment with your productivity.

Is it easy to use?:

  • Yes. Very easy to use as it is not necessary to configure anything, just the goals that you want to establish or if you want to change the categories to customize the tracking based on your specific preferences.

Support rating:

  • I haven’t use it

Why do you recommend it?:

  • You can use the free version and test if it helps you to improve your productivity


Date of publishing: 1/11/2015
Name & last name: Elisa Martínez
Tool “slogan”: “”
Profession: SEO & Online Marketing Consultant y


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