Reviews & Ratings of Digital Nomads and Remote Work Tools, Events and Colivings

One of the goals of remoters is to facilitate the selection of remote work tools, events and colivings and having the ability to easily check other’s people experience with them greatly helps to achieve it. This is why we’re excited to announce that you can now see other people and leave your own reviews and ratings for the remote work and digital nomads tools, events and colivings we feature in remoters!

Where can you see and leave reviews?

  • Remote Work Tools: You can now recommend (or not) any of the communication or productivity tools that you have used in your day to day remote work life.
  • Remote and Digital Nomads Events:  Have you attended to digital nomads or remote work events? Leave your review and share with others what was your experience and if you recommend them.
  • Colivings: If you have stayed in a coliving that is featured in Remoters you can also now leave a review about it in the colivings section.

How can you publish a review?

Review Remoters

  1. In all of the colivings, events and tools pages you will see now a button at the bottom saying: “leave a review”. For example, in the Slack page.
  2. When you click on the button you’ll see a small form where you’ll be able to write your review and rate the tool, event or coliving.
  3. When you submit your review we will moderate it (it won’t be published automatically) to make sure it complies with quality standards. If approved, you’ll be able to see it published in the relevant tool, event or coliving in Remoters.

As you can see, it’s pretty straight forward! If at some point you see that there’s a tool, event or coliving that you see is not yet listed and you would like to leave a review for, you can also submit them so we can feature them on the site and then you can leave your review about it.

How can you see the reviews?

You just need to go to the relevant event, tool or coliving and you’ll see the reviews at the bottom of the page. For example, take a look at the Sun and Co. Coliving page, you can see the review featured at the bottom of its page:

Reviews Remoters

  1. You can see that there’s a summary of the overall ratings as well as the different characteristics of the event, tool or coliving, to give you an overview.
  2. You can then see the different reviews with the ratings along the details of the person who has submitted the feedback.
  3. You can then also share and rate the review if you want, in case there’s something you find particularly useful.


With the new reviews and ratings functionality we hope that is far easier for nomads and remote professionals to identify the best resources!

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