Running Remote Conference 2019

Running Remote 2019Running Remote Conference for Distributed Teams. Bali, Indonesia, June 29-30, 2019.

  • Category: Conference.
  • Location: Bali, Indonesia.
  • Start Date: 2019-06-29.
  • Finish Date: 2019-06-30.
  • Price: 999 US$ Dollars.
  • Organized by: Running Remote & Hubud.
  • Language: English.
  • URL

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An event aimed at enhancing the skill set of distributed teams. Learn new tactics, connect with remote team leaders while indulging into the exotic Island of Gods.

The Running Remote Conference is carefully curated to teach you next-level, actionable strategies and tactics that you can utilize the very next day to manage and grow your remote team. This is the conference we have been trying to find but didn’t exist, until now.

The conference covers every facet of building a remote team to help develop the future of work. Leading remote work tech companies, online collaboration thought leaders, and outsourcing business owners all gather together under one roof.

Get practical advice from leading CEOs, founders, and project managers who build and manage global remote teams.

Speakers 2019

  • Mariano Suarez-Batan, CEO, Mural.
  • Dr. Beat Buhlmann, General Manager, Evernote.
  • Marcie Murray, Director of Support, Shopify.
  • Andrew Dumont, Founder, Curious Capital.
  • Air Salihefendic, Founder & CEO, Doist.
  • Marvin Liao, Partner, 500 Startups.
  • Andrew Warner, Founder, Mixergy.
  • Adii Pienaar, Founder, Conversio.
  • Zack Onisko, CEO, Dribbble.
  • Tim Burgess & Duncan Macintosh, Co-founders, Shield Geo.
  • Ilyas Vali, Co-Founder & APM, rLoop.
  • Liam Martin, Co-Founder & CMO, Time Doctor.
  • Steve Munroe, CEO, Hubud.

Companies confirmed for attendance

Targeting SMEs and start-ups of 10-200 seats. Primarily: tech companies, recruitment, accounting, real estate, software developers, SaaS, content marketing and digital marketing companies.

How many attendees will be expected?

We are expecting 500 attendees from all over the planet:

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who run a remote team or about to start one.
  • Remote workers or freelancers who work from home.
  • Digital nomads who work from anywhere in the world.
  • HR, community & workplace managers.

Start-ups vs Established remote teams attending?

100% of attending companies are running remote teams. Most attendees are growing their remote teams vs running large and established remote teams.

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Past Editions


  • Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
  • Date: 23rd – 24th June 2018.
  • 2018 Speakers:
    • Cliff Pollan (pending) (CEO, Sococo).
    • Amir Salihefendic (CEO & Founder, Doist).
    • Sara Sutton Fell (Founder, Flexjobs &
    • Steve Munroe (CEO, HUBUD).
    • Rob Rawson (CEO,
    • Justin Cooke (CMO, Empire Flippers).
    • Andrea Loubier (CEO, Mailbird).
    • Liam Martin (Co-founder, Time Doctor).
    • Eiji Han Shimizu (Mindfulness Coach).
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  1. How does someone attend remotely, please?

    Antigone Klima
    9 February, 2018