RunningRemote 2018 – 1st live Remote Work conference

Next level tips on managing the distributed workforce. Get practical advice about building and managing remote teams from experts leading remote companies. No fluff, no muss. Just hard hitting tips from inside the trenches.

We’ve seen an evolution in work over the last few years: Remote work was once a nice corporate “perk”. Now it’s a mandatory requirement.

Join tech company leaders and remote work nomads in the 1st Live remote work conference that we’ve seen.

Learn advanced and actionable strategies to both manage and grow your remote team.

Explore every aspect of going remote and heading towards the future of work.

Learn how to deal with remote work challenges, maintain a good work-life balance and live mindfully when working remotely.

Running Remote

  • Category: Conference
  • Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
  • Start Date: 2018-06-23
  • Finish Date: 2018-06-24
  • Price: 499 US$ Dollars.
  • Organized by: Running Remote with Hubud
  • Language: English
  • URL:
  • For: Entrepreneurs and business owners, remote workers or freelancers & digital nomads.

Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs and business owners who run a remote team or about to start one, Remote workers or freelancers who work from home, Digital nomads who work from anywhere in the world, HR, community & workplace managers.


  • Cliff Pollan (pending) (CEO, Sococo)
  • Amir Salihefendic (CEO & Founder, Doist)
  • Sara Sutton Fell (Founder, Flexjobs &
  • Steve Munroe (CEO, HUBUD)
  • Rob Rawson (CEO,
    Justin Cooke (CMO, Empire Flippers)
  • Andrea Loubier (CEO, Mailbird)
  • Liam Martin (Co-founder, Time Doctor)
  • Eiji Han Shimizu (Mindfulness Coach)

What topics to expect?

Scaling to $100 million as a remote team. Discover what’s possible when your budgets aren’t tied up in office running costs. What happens when we reinvest into people and growth.

Is a remote team a blockchain? Distributed team culture is built on trust, similar to a blockchain – a decentralised grid with intense collaboration. Let’s discover the different facets of a remote team culture and should “not the right fit” be acceptable?

Cross-border money management. Distributed teams typically share one project between a number of countries. Cross-border money management can quickly become an issue. How to send money with ease in 2018?

Mindfulness – remotely sane. Would you like your employees to be happier and more focused at work? Meditation has been scientifically proven to have those effects. Focus can be especially difficult when working remotely.

Corporate Retreat: Reunite your remote team in Bali in 2018.

Running Remote have partnered with Hubud, a legendary co-working space in SE Asia. Hubud organizes corporate retreats tailored for remote teams.

Bring your remote team to Bali in June/July 2018 before or after the conference and let them connect with other remote teams.

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  1. How does someone attend remotely, please?

    Antigone Klima
    9 February, 2018