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Tool Description:
Signaturely is a simple and effective digital signature software that allows you to create and upload documents to easily and legally be signed online. The platform then guides the signers through the process, keeping you updated, and letting you know when your document has been signed.


Your Review of The Tool:
Signaturely is extremely easy to use. You can upload your documents from your computer or from your cloud service. Then, you can simply add the signature fields and signer information and send them a signature request. Your signers will be able to sign your document from virtually any device.

Signaturely is also very affordable, starting with a generous forever-free option, which allows you to request up to 3 signatures per month. Unlocking all features, like unlimited requests and storage, branding, team management tools, and everything else is just $15 per month, with a $10 option in the middle.

Since the platform guides the signers step by step, their customer experience improves, and signatures are collected faster.

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What are the tool “pros” & benefits?:

  • Very easy to use: Whether it is from the user’s side, or from their clients, Signaturely makes the signing process extremely easy for everyone.
  • Generous free plan: Signaturely’s forever-free option allows up to 3 signature requests per month, along with the signing features. This allows it to grow at your own pace, only upgrading when you can afford it.
  • Affordable paid tiers: Signaturely gives users an unlimited number of signature requests for $10 per month, adding unlimited templates, branding, and more for just $15, which is its most expensive option.
  • Improves customer relations: Since Signaturely guides signers through the process, they have a better experience signing and approving your documents.

What are the tool “cons” & issues?:

  • No mobile app available: Although you can sign documents from your phone, Signaturely currently does not have an app to control your documents on the go.
  • Lacking advanced features: There are certain advanced features offered by specialized competitors that you won’t find in Signaturely.

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Please add your comment sharing more about why you would recommend this tool or not and how could it be better?
Please add your comment sharing more about why you would recommend this tool or not and how could it be better?

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