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Tool Description:
Tadum is the online agenda that helps teams run high-value meetings. Tadum keeps your team consistent, efficient, and accountable by streamlining the habits of high-value meetings.


Your Review of The Tool:
I am a little biased since it is my software company that built it but I think Tadum is fantastic! We have been using it ourselves in our software consultancy for several months and it is vital to our meeting and communication processes. We work with remote developers and it has made a big difference in keeping everyone on the same page.

I am submitting Tadum because gives remote teams the tools to overcome many of the pitfalls of meetings, both in-person and distance, by providing the processes to automate and streamline meetings. This helps establish:

  1. Connection through regular meeting rhythms,
  2. Engagement through real-time collaboration and
  3. Communication through consistent, rolling agendas and meeting minutes.

Tadum is useful for remote work because:
1. It sets meeting rhythms to ensure that remote workers are not out-of-sight, out of mind, but continuously brought back into the loop on what is happening with their team and in their projects.
2. It allows remote team members to easily collaborate and follow-along in real-time during meetings.
3. It keeps everyone accountable for their tasks, a history of previous discussions is maintained, and remote team members can add their own discussion items or updates to the agenda at any time to keep communication flowing.

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What are the tool “pros” & benefits?:
1. Fast and easy agendas
Every meeting has a person accountable for sending out the agenda in advance (1 hour, 1 day, 2 days, 1 week). Once an agenda is received, all participants can add comments or new agenda items. This asynchronous prep work sets the expectation on what will be discussed and keeps the meeting focused.

2. Real-time meetings
You can see who has the agenda open and watch one-another make changes in real-time. Open, Close, and Table each item as you work your way through the agenda.

Carry-forward all open items
When a meeting is complete all open and tabled items are automatically carried forward to the next agenda. No more copy/pasting items into the next agenda! No agenda items are lost!

3. Always book the next meeting
All Tadum meetings are part of a repeating meeting rhythm (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually). This makes it easy for your team to regularly communicate and creates accountability. Regular, quick, and structured meetings will get your team humming along in no time!

4. Share minutes by default
When a meeting is closed, read-only minutes are automatically sent to the team. It’s easy to pull up old minutes without digging through your inbox or Downloads folder.

5. A sprinkle of good habits
We standardize things like: types of agenda items, dates, and document naming. For example, we don’t let you create a todo or KPI without assigning a person and due date. This gives your team a consistent language, which is key to high-value meetings.

What are the tool “cons” & issues?:
Tadum was launched in mid-September 2018. It is a stand-alone software with no external integrations which some users would prefer. Integrations are planned for future development.

Review made by: Ashley Janssen

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