Tool Category: Productivity
Tool Language: English
Price: Freemium

Tool Description:
Taskeo is a tool designed to make remote workers more productive. While the other project management platforms focus on team collaboration, Taskeo helps you boost your productivity levels with fully-equipped toolkit while ensuring flawless communication with your team members across different time zones. Everything a remote worker needs is finally in one place.


Your Review of The Tool:
Taskeo is created with a focus on remote workers and designed after multiple interviews with freelancers, distributed teams and digital nomads. The platform gives access to features which are normally only available as stand-alone tools (such as built-in time tracker).

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What are the tool “pros” & benefits?:
Taskeo’s features are focused on solving productivity problems related strictly to working remotely. The platform aims to include everything a remote worker needs to minimize the necessity of using several different apps to manage your projects and teams.

What are the tool “cons” & issues?:
The platform is in a relatively early stage of development (as of February 2019) and is still working on introducing more productivity features. Feedback is welcome & encouraged.

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