Top Solutions To Manage Taxes as a Remote Based Professional, Business or Digital Nomad

Online tax paying software for remote based professionals and organizationsManaging taxes is already complex when working as an employee in your home country, and becomes even more when working remotely as a freelance, contractor or even as an employee too, but for a company that is based in another country.

Thankfully, there are now also online based services and software that you can use to navigate tax management as a remote based professional.

Let’s go through the best in the market reviewing their main characteristics: ease of use, features like integration and automation with your country’s tax system and of course, the price too.

1. H&R Block

If you’re looking forward to an in-person tax consultation but don’t prefer the interaction, H&R block might be just what you need.  Amongst its competition, it’s a much more useful and easy-to-use tool. The unique utilization of Wizard-like tools allows the application to fill out IRS forms in the background. The added benefits include easy-to-understand terms translated specifically for a non-tax expert’s understanding.

The intelligent app will provide you with real-time financial progress so you’re aware of your financial status and the applicable taxes.


  • Easy navigation allows convenient experience
  • Clear and legible tax info – understandable by any average tax-payer
  • Context-sensitive help provided
  • Thorough, understandable explanations of tax topics
  • Easy to use highly developed apps
  • Optional fee-based expert advice to further attend to queries.


  • No comprehensive navigation tool
  • Virtual Assistant is restricted 

2. Intuit Turbotax

One of the bigger boys in the tax-paying software dimensions is the 25-year-old TurboTax by Intuit. It uses an interview-style format to keep the information to the point and uncomplicated for the average user.

Its state-of-the-art app has added new Covid integrated features that focus on stimulus payments and unemployment. The top-class usability and support of the app make the whole experience completely worth it.

With its Live video-chat feature it has won customers right and left. With this feature, you can video call a tax expert and they can run you through the line-by-line details of your e-filing experience.


  • Extra-ordinary user experience
  • Thorough interview as well as a final review
  • Customized explanations of tax calculations
  • Extensive online help resources
  • Suitable security measures
  • Highly functional mobile app
  • Always available live video support from tax experts


  • Expensive to use
  • Some online queries in the community resolved by non-Intuit staff 

3. TaxAct

TaxAct dates back to the 1990s, since then it has been providing its esteemed and reliable services. TaxAct is the one-click solution to all your filing and financing shenanigans.

The simple interface asks you questions related to your finances which it uses to deduce results that would ease your e-filing experience. It focuses on your financial situations and suggests the version of the software that best suits you, hence providing a top-notch, individualized experience.


  • Good navigation tools and data entry options
  • Automated W-2 entry
  • Deduction Maximizer
  • Good help provision in the Answer Center
  • Enhanced review process and 2021 tax saving strategies
  • New Xpert Help feature included


  • Certain help links lead directly to confusing IRS documents
  • Help tools are often fragmented to some extent
  • Expensive per-state filing
  • Mediocre mobile app help services

4. TaxSlayer

What started off 50 years ago as an accessory to aid accountants and finance experts has carried on the legacy to this day. TaxSlayer is an affordable yet highly efficient platform that offers everything e-filer demands.

E-filers have seen the updates in the latest version of the TaxSlayer Classic. Other than the extended features including COVID -19 resources is the comprehensive information it provides on tax topics.

Initially, you’ll have to select the version you want to use and set up an account. Its method is similar to its peers with respect to its interview-based questions. These may include the Wizard-like features, the questions may be answered numerically or monosyllabically.

Its efficient finance tracking keeps a trail of the previous year’s taxes as well as the current ones. The feature is known as My Account.

The new version competently supports all IRS forms and schedules which may be useful if your finances are not haphazard. In the other case, you might need a little help to navigate through the software.

Overall the software provides good value for money and is competent for the more complex types of tax returns as well.


  • Easy on the pockets
  • Swift to use
  • Modified user experience
  • Supports all major IRS forms and schedules
  • Extensive knowledge-based information
  • Improved and convenient to use home page and e-filing process


  • Little context-sensitive help on working screens
  • Various navigation irregularities
  • Reviews could be made more targeted

What other solutions to manage remote based business and professionals taxes would you recommend? Let us know your experience in the comments!

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