Name: Teeming
URL:  https://www.teeming.ai/
Tool Category: Communication
Tool Language: English
Price: Paid

Tool Description:
Teeming is a cloud based tool that makes it easy for remote teams to bond and do deep work, together, in real-time.

Run interactive work sessions to solve problems, do a check-in, play a game, engage in ice-breakers or feedback rounds. All in one place.


Your Review of The Tool:
Having lead a remote team of 250+ in 15 countries for over 15 years (I am the founder of Le Cool Magazine, an alternative city guide magazine started in 2003) we always struggled with doing remote team building and creating deeper connections for people that never, or rarely, met.

Teeming is the tool we wish we had back then. It makes it real easy do real-time team building activities, like getting everyone to open up and share a personal story, or solve a problem using remote brainstorming. It is like being able to run a workshop without having to be in the same room and not needing to hire a facilitator.

It also works with all our exiting video tools, like Zoom or Google Hangouts – perfect!

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What are the tool “pros” & benefits?:

  • Super easy and fast to get started – from signing up to running the first session was under 15 seconds!
  • Very versatile – comes with many activities built-in, from brainstorming and organising ideas, to running sharing sessions
  • Fun! – being able to combine a more “serious” work session with play, like a trivia game, all in one place is great

What are the tool “cons” & issues?:

  • Teeming does require that the team leader is open to listening and creating engagement that goes beyond just “getting the work done”.
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