The Best Cities to Work for Digital Nomads

Top Cities for Digital NomadsTraveling the world and working directly from your laptop has been a dream for many office workers globally. If there’s been one silver lining to the pandemic, it’s the seismic shift in the ways companies are becoming more flexible.

Many are looking for new and innovative ways in which work can be completed. From hybrid work plans and fully flexible working patterns to even working remotely abroad, employers are learning that their employees can work from just about anywhere, at any time. 

Although some remote roles may have to be geographically specific, the freedom to work hard and play hard is definitely preferred among the British, as new research by Marketing Signals has revealed that 78% of employees would move jobs if they were offered the chance to work fully remotely on a permanent basis*. 

So, as a growing number of companies are aligning with their employees’ expectations to embrace remote working as the new norm, where are the best cities to work in the world for digital nomads? 

A new study used a number of online resources, including Numbeo and Nomad List, to determine the ‘top 10’ places to work remotely. This was calculated using the average costs for staying in a specific country, friendliness to foreigners and females, crime rates, cost of co-working, internet speed, safety and places to work.

1. Austin, Texas

Coming in at first place is the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas. It’s not just the warm weather that will attract nomads either. With an average monthly stay working out at £1834 ($2,201), co-working at £104 ($125), internet speed considered ‘super-fast’ and places to remote-work considered ‘great’, who wouldn’t love to work from the south?

2. Vienna, Austria

If you’re looking to work in a city filled with rich architecture, look no further than Vienna, Austria. It won’t hurt your wallet either. The average monthly stay here works out at £1858 ($2229), co-working £130 ($157), internet speed considered ‘fast’ and places to remote-work considered ‘great’. 

3. Split, Croatia

In third place, located on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, is Split Croatia. With the average monthly stay working out at £1861 ($2233), co-working at £131 ($158), a ‘low level’ of crime rates, and fantastic places to work from, along with great weather and ocean views, Split is your city. 

4. Madrid, Spain

Want to experience the hustle and bustle of Spain’s central capital, Madrid? The cost of nomad-living here is a generous £2169 ($2604) and co-working at £131 ($158). With free wifi in the city, you’ll be available to be on call, hassle free, while you explore the elegant boulevards and historic parks. 

5. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is renowned for being one of Europe’s most vibrant and charming coastal cities. To be able to enjoy working from here, it will cost £2254 ($2706), with co-working averaging out at £133 ($160). If you’re not accustomed to Portuguese, that’s not a problem as Portugal is a nation with a high English language proficiency, so you’ll have no problem navigating around the city. 

6. San-Francisco, United States

If visiting the golden gate bridge or alcatraz is on the top of your bucket list, then San-Francisco is the place for you. A room here will set you back £2354 ($2825) and the cost of co-working, £140 ($169). Not only is this city incredibly LGBTQ friendly but it has super fast internet and a plethora of different places to work from. 

7. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is known for its rich cultural history and for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Staying here will cost you on average £2377 ($2853) per month and £143 ($172) for a co-working space. As an English speaking country with a low crime rate, this lively nomad scene makes it easy to meet fellow remote workers. 

8. Barcelona, Spain

It’s no surprise that another Spanish city has made the top 10, Barcelona. This city is famous for its stunning architecture, world-class cuisine, and lively nightlife, so if you’re looking to settle down here it will cost you around £2382 ($2858) with the cost of co-working at £149 ($179) a month. 

9. New York City, United States

Known as the city that never sleeps, New York is the most populous city in the United States. With the average monthly stay costing £2413 ($2895) and co-working £150 ($181) a month, great free wifi in the city, and a tonne of different places to work from, you couldn’t ask for a better backdrop whilst you’re working!

10. Berlin, Germany

Coming in at tenth place is Berlin, Germany, known for its trendy art scene and historic landmarks. The cost of living remotely here stands at around £2459 ($2951) and £155 ($186) for co-working per month. As the city is female friendly, their English is proficient and they have a low level of crime, you wouldn’t be surprised bumping into repeat visitors-turned-permanent remote workers. 

Commenting on the results, Gareth Hoyle, Managing Director at Marketing Signals said: “COVID-19 has had a seismic impact on the way businesses work, with many companies having been obligated to get their staff to work from home, often for the first time.

“This research has revealed that many individuals not only want to work remotely but see it as an important ‘must’ when applying for jobs. It’s no surprise that many are now looking outside of their own country to find new places of residence to do their job.

“With many only needing a laptop, internet connection and a phone to complete their daily job, it really is true that you can do your job anywhere in the world.”

**A survey of  1,021 UK workers

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