The Best Laptop Power Banks and Portable Chargers for Remote Work and Digital Nomads

Power Bank for Digital NomadsYou’ve just landed in a new city, ready to explore exotic destinations as a digital nomad. Your work is location-independent, but you still need power to get things done. You head to the nearest cafe, order a coffee, and open your laptop to crank out a few hours of work.

Lo and behold, you’re out of juice. And all the outlets are currently occupied by your fellow digital nomads. For many people, that would mean an early end to the workday and being late on assignments.

As a remote worker, you need reliable power to stay productive anywhere. Whether working outdoors, on a plane, or in a cafe with limited outlet access, having a lightweight and high-capacity power bank is essential.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing the best laptop power bank or portable charger for remote work and travel. You’ll learn critical factors like capacity, output, and compatibility to consider. We’ll then provide specific product recommendations to power your devices no matter where the Wi-Fi takes you.

Understanding Laptop Power Banks and Portable Chargers

When reading up on power banks and chargers, the terminology can get a bit confusing. Let’s start by clarifying the basics:

What Are Laptop Power Banks?

A laptop power bank is a portable battery pack that can charge your laptop on the go when you don’t have access to an outlet. Just like a reservoir stores water for future use, a power bank stores electricity for whenever you need it.

What Are Portable Chargers?

A portable charger typically refers to a compact device used to charge a single device, like a smartphone, directly. They work the same way—you charge them up beforehand and then use them to give your phone a boost when the battery starts getting low. However, if the power bank was a reservoir, then the portable charger would be more like a water bottle.

The main difference between laptop power banks and portable chargers is their size and capacity. Power banks are larger and hold more energy, so they can charge multiple devices or power your laptop for several hours.

Benefits of Laptop Power Banks and Portable Chargers for Remote Workers

Let’s say you have a deadline tomorrow night, but you’re working on the road. You and your laptop are thousands of miles from home, working in some exotic location. The co-working spaces are closed so you head to the park. As the sun sets, so does your laptop battery.

What do you do? If you have a laptop power bank, you just plug it in and keep on toiling away. Here are some benefits to consider:

Staying Productive Anywhere

The beauty of being location-independent is that you can work wherever inspiration strikes! With a laptop power bank, you don’t need to worry about finding an outlet mid-project. Just top up your laptop and work outdoors in the sunshine, at the airport gate before boarding, or anywhere you please! For digital nomads, these are game-changers, as they put you in control of your productivity.

Lightweight and Compact for Easy Travel

One of the best things about laptop power banks and portable chargers is how easy they are to take with you wherever you go. They’re lightweight and compact, so you can just toss them in your backpack or suitcase without adding a ton of extra weight or bulk.

As a nomad, you’ve probably perfected the art of packing light. You probably already have a laptop, headphones, and maybe even a portable monitor in that bag. You want a portable power bank that won’t weigh you down.

Look for a lightweight option, around 1 pound, so it doesn’t burden you as you move around. It should also be compact enough to fit in your backpack(or even pockets) alongside your laptop, camera gear, and other tech.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Laptop Power Bank

If you’re sold on the idea of a laptop power bank, you might hit an impasse when you come across all the different options available on the market. Is one really better than the other? What does mAh mean? There are lots of factors to consider.

This section will help you with the basics so you can understand our list of top options better and make an educated decision.

Capacity and Battery Life

One of the most essential features is capacity, measured in milliamp hours (mAh). This determines how many times the power bank can charge your devices before needing to be recharged itself.

Consider your daily usage needs. For most laptops, a capacity between 20,000-23,000 mAh is ideal for full-day power. It should be able to charge your computer at least once, perhaps even leaving you with some extra energy for your phone.

Input and Output

The input and output of a power bank or charger refer to how fast it can charge your devices (output) and how quickly it can be recharged itself (input).

Look for an output of 60W (wattage) or higher so your laptop charging isn’t painfully slow. You want enough output to power your laptop at the same speed as a wall outlet. Faster recharge input rates are also nice for quickly replenishing the battery between uses.

The input side matters a bit less since charging the power bank doesn’t necessarily interfere with your work. However, a higher wattage is nice to have, as it means the power bank will recharge faster when you plug it in. Look for an input of at least 45W for the quickest charging speeds.

Compatibility: Port Types and Numbers

You want ports that are compatible with your laptop make and model. Common output ports include USB-A, USB-C, and DC. Make sure to get the right plug shape and sizes.

Consider how many devices you need to charge daily. Multiple ports allow you to charge laptops, phones, tablets, and more simultaneously. Getting a variety of USB-C and USB-A ports gives you flexibility.

Portability and Size

As mentioned, choosing a lightweight and compact power bank is vital for nomads. You’ll already be loading your backpack with tech gear like laptops and cameras. So keep it more or less 1 pound if possible. Slim, portable sizes around 5-7 inches in length, easily tuck into your bag.

Ease of Use

No one wants to waste time figuring out complicated tech on the road. Look for power banks with a user-friendly design. Key features like one-touch buttons, LED indicators, and built-in cables make usage straightforward. Quickly check the charge status at a glance.

LCD Displays and LED Indicators

Many power banks have LCD displays and/or LED indicators to show the battery percentage and charging status. These allow you to easily monitor how much charge is left and when it needs replenishing. Simple lights also indicate if the power flow is input or output.

Durability and Build Quality

Power banks with durable designs hold up well to wear and tear during travel. Solid metal or high-grade plastic housing protects sensitive internal parts from drops or bumps. Avoid cheaper models made of flimsy materials.

Price and Value

Of course, price is always going to be a factor when making any purchase. For laptop power banks, prices vary widely from $50-$250+. Calculate the value based on your usage frequency and capacity needs.

Also, keep in mind that you often get what you pay for. It’s worth investing in a high-quality power bank that will last you a long time and provide reliable performance. Plus, if you’re using it for work, it might even be a tax-deductible business expense!

Top Best Power Banks for Digital Nomads

It is now time to reveal our top picks for laptop power banks and portable chargers. As you read through our recommendations, make a mental checklist of the features that meet your remote work needs. Finding the right balance will ensure you stay powered up wherever your remote job takes you.

We’ve done the heavy lifting and research to curate this list of high-performing, travel-ready power banks. Using the criteria outlined above, we evaluated dozens of options to help you make the best choice. These portable chargers consistently rise to the top for digital nomads and remote employees needing reliable, long-lasting power on the go.

Anker 744 PowerCore

The Anker 744 PowerCore is our top overall pick for digital nomads and remote workers looking for a versatile laptop power bank. First, its build is very modern, looking sturdy yet clean. It’s also small and light at just 1.3 pounds. But don’t let the size fool you. At 25,600mAh capacity and 140W output, it packs more juice than many others on this list.

It features two USB-C Power Delivery (PD) ports that deliver up to 87W each or 78W combined. The former can charge a MacBook Pro 13.4″ in 2h 14 min. Plus, there are two USB-A ports for 15W charging smaller devices like smartphones. That’s a total maximum output of 140W shared across all ports.

With the ability to fully recharge most laptops at least once, the 744 PowerCore is ideal for extending your laptop’s battery when working remotely. The single button interface makes operation straightforward. The built-in LED ring gives you charging status and remaining battery level at a glance.

And if that wasn’t enough, it comes with a high-quality 65 W charger and USB-C cable in the box.


  • 3-Point Safety System
  • High capacity 24,000 mAh battery
  • Sturdy and portable aluminum design
  • 18-month warranty


  • No pass-through charging
Mophie Powerstation Pro AC

Next up, we have a surprising but efficient competitor. Don’t overlook the Mophie Powerstation Pro AC as a contender for the best laptop power bank. This portable charger has a hard-to-believe capacity of 27,000mAh. It is equipped with a handy AC outlet that delivers 174W to power and recharge laptops, cameras, and other AC-dependent gear.

You get a high-powered 63W USB-PD port, plus a second 24W USB-C port and an AC outlet. If your remote work relies on AC-powered tech gadgets, having a portable AC outlet can be a lifesaver.

Now, we won’t lie – this power bank is a bit heavier than the Anker 744 PowerCore, weighing in at 2.2 pounds. But that’s because it has a premium metal build that’s built to last. It also has a handy LED battery indicator, so you always know how much juice you have left.


  • High 27,000mAh capacity
  • Great AC output
  • Decent dimensions
  • Premium metal design


  • Heavy at 2.2 pounds
  • Expensive
  • Lack of additional ports
Omni Mobile 25600

The aptly named Omni Mobile 25600 earns its place among the best portable laptop chargers thanks to its versatile charging options and travel-ready design.

Packing a hefty 25,600mAh battery, it offers a 60W USB-PD port, two 18W USB-A ports, a 72W DC outlet, and even a 10W wireless charging pad. With this range of outputs, you can power and charge just about any device while on the go.

Weighing 1.2 pounds, the Omni doesn’t skimp on premium features either. It also has pass-through charging capabilities, which means you can charge other devices while the power bank itself is charging.

This power bank comes with two charging cables (one C-to-C cable and one A-to-C cable), so you’re ready to go right out of the box. And if anything goes wrong, you’re covered by a one-year warranty.


  • Wireless charging
  • Portable
  • Multiple compatibility options
  • Metal enclosure
  • Pass-through charging


  • No wall charger is included
Otterbox Fast Charge Power Bank

Many people know Otterbox for its durable phone cases, but did you know they also make power banks? If you know their phone cases, it should come as no surprise that their Fast Charge Power Bank is both rugged and versatile. Offering 10,000mAh to 20,000mAh options, it works well for mobile devices and smaller laptops.

This power bank has solid build quality, just like Otterbox’s other products. It also supports Apple Fast Charge charging with PD, as well as Samsung AFC and Huawei FCP. And with both USB-C and USB-A ports, you can charge just about any device you need to.

The USB-C port offers 18W of power, and so does the USB-A port. And with several options for battery capacity (10,000mAh, 15,000mAh, and 20,000mAh), you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

The Otterbox Fast Charger Power Bank is also very lightweight, weighing in at just 0.53 lbs. It has an LED power indicator that displays charging status and current battery life, so you always know where you stand. And with its sleek, quality finish, it fits easily into even the tightest pockets.

If you want a mid-capacity rugged power bank that fast charges all your remote work devices, the Otterbox Fast Charge line is a stellar choice.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Fast Charge available


  • Lower capacity than some picks
Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD

Frequent travelers will love the Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD power bank. Certified airline-safe at 95Wh, this 25,600mAh portable charger features 60W USB-PD input/output for speedy charging. It also has a slick built-in 15W wireless charger.

The rugged Sherpa 100PD rocks a durable aluminum housing with rubberized corners. It tips the scales at 1.5 pounds with a clean yet stylish profile. The easy-to-read color LCD provides key stats like remaining runtime, battery level, and input/output wattage.

With 100PD wattage, you can get up to 2 recharges for your laptop. And thanks to USB-C Power Delivery, compatible devices will charge faster than ever.

Our favorite feature is the ability to recharge the Sherpa 100PD with compatible solar panels. A complementary product is needed, however, and that is the Nomad 20. When hooked up, it takes between 8-16 hours to recharge the Sherpa 100PD.

And with PowerIQ 3.0 technology, this power bank is more innovative than ever. It can automatically detect and adjust the charging power to deliver the safest maximum recharge rate for all your devices. Plus, with a 2-year warranty included, you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected.


  • Airline-approved 25,600mAh capacity
  • Rugged, portable design
  • Solar recharging capabilities
  • 2-year warranty
  • Amazing capacity
  • Color LCD display


  • Slow to recharge battery
  • Pricey
Baseus Blade Laptop Power Bank

Next, the Baseus Blade 100W Laptop Power Bank packs a serious charging punch in a remarkably slim 0.7-inch thick profile. Weighing in at just 1.08 pounds, this featherweight 20,000mAh power bank feels like it’s barely there while providing reliable power.

The Baseus Blade has four fast charging ports, so you can charge up to 4 devices at once. It has 2 USB-A ports and 2 USB-C ports, giving you plenty of options for all your devices. The built-in LCD screen gives you at-a-glance status updates on battery percentage, power draw, and estimated time remaining.

Thanks to two-way fast charging support, the Baseus Blade can power up from 0 to 100% in as little as 1.5 hours. It also promises to charge a MacBook Pro 14-inch from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes. The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy housing gives it a slim yet durable design.


  • Ultra slim 0.7-inch design
  • Very lightweight at 1.08 lbs
  • LCD screen readout
  • 100W output
  • 2-way fast charging


  • Construction could be better
  • Less capacity
Anker Prime Power Bank

With an absolutely mammoth 27,650mAh capacity, the Anker Prime 27K power bank is perfect for keeping even the most power-hungry laptops and gadgets charged up. It has a total wattage of 250W, and its USB-C ports are capable of delivering 140W of power individually. It has three ports total, with 2 USB-C ports and one USB-A port.

Granted, at 1.74 pounds, this is not the most portable option out there. But that chunky, rugged build houses an incredible amount of battery capacity. Enough to charge a 13-inch MacBook Air (M2) 1.28 times or an iPhone 14 approximately 4.67 times. That’s a lot of charging power!

The Anker Prime Power Bank also has an OLED screen that provides detailed information about your charging status. And if you download the Anker app, you can quickly locate your power bank with sound alerts, access real-time stats, and optimize device battery life with smart charging.

For instance, it has a Find My feature, so you never have to worry about losing it. And at 99.54Wh, it respects TSA regulations, so you can take it on airplanes as carry-on baggage. It even comes with a handy travel pouch!

Note: Anker offers a worry-free 24-month warranty and an advanced ActiveShield 2.0 safety system.


  • Massive 27,650mAh capacity
  • Dual 140W USB-PD ports
  • Advanced safety features
  • OLED display and app connectivity
  • 24-month warranty


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Very expensive
Dell Power Companion PW7015L

Dell is well-known in the laptop space, so it makes sense that they would have a tremendous fast-charging power bank to go with their devices.

For remote professionals with Dell laptops, the Dell Power Companion PW7015L is purpose-built for your setup. Weighing under 1 pound (0.92 lbs to be exact,) this 18,000mAh portable laptop charger features fast charging capabilities.

The two USB-A ports allow you to charge phones or tablets while juicing up your Dell notebook. And the compact size is easy to toss in your bag. Five LEDs display the exact battery percentage so you know exactly how much juice remains.

While it lacks more advanced features like USB-PD or wireless charging, the Dell Power Companion is an affordable and portable battery pack tailored specifically for Dell laptops. The power is a little lower than some of the other options on this list, but it’s still plenty for most Dell users.


  • Light and compact
  • Fast charges Dell laptops
  • Two USB-A ports for phones/tablets
  • LED battery indicator


  • No wireless charging
  • Geared toward Dell (no USB-C)

Find the Best Power Bank for Digital Nomads Today

Having reliable power banks helps you keep your devices charged anywhere, anytime, as a digital nomad. The best portable laptop chargers offer high-capacity batteries, versatile charging options, advanced safety protections, and travel-ready designs.

Our top overall pick is the Anker 744 PowerCore for its potent 140W output to fast charge laptops and mobile devices. But there are excellent choices on this list, no matter your needs and budget.

We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for!

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