The Best Time Zone Converter Tools for Managing Time Zone Differences

Time Zone Converters ToolsAs lots of work has gone remote, people are struggling more than ever to manage time zone differences when working with other team members or clients that are spread out all over the world.

It can be daunting to manage time zones manually, and that’s where time zone convertor tools can come to the rescue and save the day or zones.

And even if you aren’t a remote worker, you can take advantage of the time zone converter tools in managing business meetings with people all around the world – the possibilities are endless.

In a world where we are so connected to each other, time zone converter tools can help us to make that connection even better. We have gone through the most popular ones, highlighting pro’s and con’s to make it easier for you to select one:

1. TimeAndDate (Free)

TimeAndDate is a free online service that provides many time-related tools. And out of other wonderful time tools, TimeAndDate also offers a free time zone convertor. This online tool gives you time zone conversions in accordance with DST and local time zone. It also accepts present, past, and future dates! All you need to do to get started with this tool is adding a city to converting from.


  • Allow time zone conversions while taking into account DST.
  • Accepts present, past, and future dates.
  • Free service!


  • The web design only has basic functionality.

2. TheTimeZoneConverter (Free)

With TimeTimeZoneConverter online web application, you can easily convert your local time to any time in the world. On TheTimeZoneConverter web-app screen, you’ll see two options. On the left, you’ll have to enter the time zone you are looking forward to converting. And on the right, you’ll have to select the time zone you want to convert the time zone to. This web app also allows you to switch between 12- and 24-hour time.


  • Simple, easy, and straightforward user experience.
  • Ease of selecting a 12- or 24-hour clock.


  • Limited features.

3. WorldTimeBuddy (Freemium)

WorldTimeBuddy is an advanced time zone converter tool that includes features like adding multiple locations, reordering time zones, renaming locations, grouping locations, schedule time, customizations, and more.

Apart from being one of the top-notch web-based time zone converters, WorldTimeBuddy is also available on iOS and Android devices. According to Lifehacker, “WorldTimeBuddy really shines as the scheduling tool.


  • Adding / reordering / sorting / removing / renaming / grouping locations.
  • Adjust selection, create event pages, set time zone names, and more.
  • And a bunch of features!


  • It can be a little overwhelming for average users.

4. EveryTimeZone (Freemium)

With the EveryTimeZone web application, you will never have to wrap your brain with time zone math again. EveryTimeZone makes it easy for you to visualize all the time zones at once. With the intelligent slide tool, you can compare your local time with all the other time zones on the screen. EveryTimeZone makes multiple time zone management simple and straightforward.


  • Multiple time zones at your disposal.
  • A clever slider that compares your local time with other time zones.
  • Many options for customization.


  • Light users might find it hard to understand the EveryTimeZone dashboard.

5. Time.Is (Free)

Time.Is is another web-based time zone management tool that provides a simple and user-friendly experience. Time.Is lets you pick a location or time zone, time, and date. And after that, you can pick other locations or time zones to compare and contrast the time zone differences. This tool also provides you with the feature of showing the time as a table and convert only the specified time.


  • Great UX design.
  • Simple to use and easy to access.
  • Available for free


  • Lack of advanced functionalities.

6. WorldTimeServer (Free)

WorldTimeServer website gives you one of the best-in-class time zone converters. All you need to do is just select the event according to your time zone and share a magic link to other members of the event. They will be able to see the event time as per their time zones without any problem! Using the link you have provided, they will come directly to the page where you have set the event time—no more getting your heads around time zones when setting up an event!


  • The Magic link sharing feature lets people from different time zones access event time.
  • Easy-to-use time zone convertor.
  • Simple and straightforward.


  • Limited in features and not suitable for time zone management apart from setting events.

7. Time Buddy – Clock & Converter (Freemium)

Time Buddy is an android application that features a visual time converter, scheduler, and a world clock. You can use this application to schedule meetings and events across different time zones. And without breaking any sweat, this application will allow you to deal with time across multiple time zones. Time Buddy app features daylight savings, location management, day switching, and more!


  • 20,000+ cities supported.
  • Daylight Savings support.
  • Auto-updated time zone/DST database.


  • It can be complicated for some users.

8. TimeZone.IO (Free)

TimeZone.IO is specially created for remote teams that are full of people from various time zones. With TimeZone.IO, you have to create an account and invite your team members to board on the app. This way, all your team members will easily be able to keep track of everyone else on the team. Using TimeZone.IO will help you to plan meetings and calls with your remote team effortlessly.


  • Easy sign-up option.
  • Bring all your team members in one place.
  • Simple tracking of your team.


  • Users have to sign-up in order to use the app.

9. SpaceTime (Freemium)

SpaceTime.AM lets you schedule meetings with your remote team across different time zones without any complications! With SpaceTime, you don’t need to spend your precious time doing the time zone math – the app does everything so you and your team can concentrate on what matters the most. And lastly, SpaceTime lets you see the time, location, and weather of every member of your team.


  • Works on the web, desktop, and within Slack.
  • Provides real-time updates on your team’s location like weather, etc.
  • Fast onboarding of team members.


  • Premium features are available on the paid version.


Time zone converter tools help you to save time and trouble when managing time zone differences. Start using any one of the nine tools we have showcased above to say good-bye to hectic practices of manually managing time zone differences.

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