The Madeira (Portugal) Digital Nomad & Remote Working Guide

Living in Madeira - A digital Nomad Guide

Aside from being the birthplace of one of the most outstanding football players of all time, the beautiful islands of Madeira, Portugal, are slowly becoming an impressive hub for digital nomads. Completely removed from the hustle and bustle of big cities where most remote workers naturally tend to flock.

In this Madeira Digital Nomad guide, you’ll see why it’s becoming so popular.

1. What’s So Great About Madeira for Digital Nomads & Remote Work?

There are so many great things that’ll attract remote workers to Madeira. Firstly, the island is a complete change of pace from the everyday chaos of big cities. It’s serene, and remote workers will get access to the ocean, as well as some pretty cool hiking trails.

Not only is the area one of the most picturesque locations in the world, but it also boasts blazing-fast Wi-Fi speeds. The island boasts the highest fixed internet speeds in Portugal, boasting a download speed of 74Mbps and an upload speed of 39Mbps. Every digital nomad will appreciate having reliable and fast internet in Madeira.

Aside from the scenic location and rapid internet speed, Madeira also boasts one of the most stable climates in the world. The easiest way to describe the weather is spring the whole year-round. Neither does it get too hot, nor does it ever get too cold; you’ll always be able to hit the beach.

All the locals are also super welcoming. Madeira is an island that’s super dependent on tourists for most of its revenue. As a result, they try to make things as pleasant as possible for the digital nomads and remote workers.

Another brilliant feature of the island is that it’s only a 90 mins flight away from mainland Europe. You’ll be in Lisbon by the time you manage to finish your in-flight movie. If you haven’t yet purchased the flight ticket to Madeira, go ahead and check out the cheapest fares on You may also subscribe to the low price alerts and buy a flight ticket when it’s cheaper. 

2. Where To Live/Stay In Madeira As A Digital Nomad?

Digital nomads are in luck because Madeira is rapidly becoming the forefront of remote working in Portugal. One of the primary reasons behind why Madeira is increasing its reputation as a hub for digital nomads is the Ponta do Sol village. It’s a small village which is dedicated to digital nomads and remote workers around the world.

The project is known as the Digital Nomads Village Madeira Island. It’s an initiative that the regional government of Madeira, Startup Madeira, and the popular digital nomad Goncalo Hall designed together. This project aims to ensure that all remote workers are welcomed to Madeira and get to enjoy the flexibility of life as a digital nomad.

One of the major partners of Startup Madeira is Flatio. Their role in the project is serving as the accommodation provider for digital nomads and remote workers. The platform currently offers more than 200 listings. These listings are fully equipped and ready for people to start living inside immediately.

With Flatio, tenants can look towards renting for a minimum of 14 days to a max rental period of greater than six months. For deposits that are under six months, there’s no need to make a security deposit.

Aside from the Ponta do Sol village, there are other options available to digital nomads as well. There’s Funchal, the capital city, Santa Cruz, Calheta, Porto Moniz, and Porto Santo are other cities that digital nomads consider. Madeira is an archipelago, so if you want a bit more adventure and serenity, you can live on an island that’s away from the mainland. There’s something available for every kind of digital nomad.

The capital city also boasts a co-working space that goes by the name of Cowork; they’re also ready to welcome digital nomads for those that prefer working in a shared office.

3. Where to Work in Madeira as A Remote Based Professional?

Remote-based professionals will immediately flock towards the Nomad’s Village of Ponta do Sol. The village features a dedicated co-working hub inside the John Dos Passos Cultural Centre. Currently, space boasts around 22 desks and chairs inside, while covered seating is also available outside.

The co-working space is currently operating under the social distancing and Covid-19 laws of the island. Remote workers using the space will need to work in shifts. While space might initially be an issue, the building is well equipped. The Wi-Fi is rapid, and you also get access to a printer and a very functional coffee machine.

Aside from that, the project is actively looking towards expanding into more buildings in the village and other locations on the island!

The capital city also boasts a co-working space that goes by the name of Cowork; they’re also ready to welcome digital nomads for those that prefer working in a shared office. If you want to enjoy a beautiful view while you work, the Design Centre Nini Andrade Silva is now officially a working café space!

While in Santa Cruz, digital nomads can access the Working Space by HubRemotely after booking their spot for a day or for an entire month!

Additionally, you can work from some of the many coworking spaces in Madeira, where you will likely meet other digital nomads:

4. Where to Network with Other Remote-Based Professionals in Madeira?

Networking with other remote-based professionals while you’re in Madeira is very easy. The village of Ponta do Sol is really small and tightly knit, and the main cultural center has a lot of remote working spaces.

You’re also likely to run into remote-based professionals all around the island because people from all over the globe are interested in the project. Currently, more than 2,000 people from places such as Africa and Asia are registering their interest through the Startup Madeira website.

After registering their interest through the website, all those interested are added to a Slack community, which is very active. This allows digital nomads to connect and find potential roommates as well!

That’s not the only thing that the Slack community provides. Digital nomads also get access to housing tips and are kept up to date with local COVID-19 restrictions.

Aside from the Slack community, digital nomads will also get exclusive invitations to events that Startup Madeira organizes. These events are another great way of getting to connect with other like-minded remote workers around the island.

TL;DR: What Type Of Digital Nomad Is Madeira For?

Madeira is the ideal destination for the digital nomad that wants to enjoy living among a community of nomads. It’s for those individuals that want to get away from the panic of large cities; they want to get away from all the noise and find a calm place.

The islands are beautiful, and they boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. When you’re living in Madeira, the weather is always nice. Throughout the year, the weather stays between 16 – 22 degrees.

If you’re a water person, you’ll enjoy going to the beaches and island hopping. It’s a haven for people that enjoy water sports and like to engage in adventurous activities. At the same time, there are beautiful mountains and gorgeous hiking trails as well. The island is full of activities, and remote workers will thoroughly enjoy their time there.

Aside from that, Madeira is for the digital nomad that wants to enjoy working alongside other remote workers and make connections. The whole objective of the Digital Nomad Village is to create a vibrant community of remote workers that reap the benefits of the co-working spaces available and spend their money on the island. Any digital nomad that takes the leap to move to Madeira will enjoy many networking opportunities, and they’re only going to increase in the future.

It’s a place that provides the perfect combination of modern-day technologies and luxury while remaining true to nature.

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