Timezone.io is a tool developed by Buffer for distributed teams, to easily check what hour it is in each of the locations of your team members.

Where are Buffer team members? Timezone.io

Name: Timezone.io
URL: https://timezone.io/
Category: Productivity, Travel
Languages: English
Price: Free


App type / Devices/ OS:

  • Website

You need:

  • e-mail



  • 5/5


  • Clean UX/UI
  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • You can invite de whole team with one link or by email address
  • Everybody can see at a glance where people are and what hour it is where they are

The best:

  • Really easy to use web-app that solves the timezones problem for a given team.


  • Could have more useful and interesting options (plan a meeting, availability..)

The worst: 

  • Nothing.

Do you consider it essential to:

  • Let everybody in a remote company know where people are in 5 seconds.

How often do you use it?:

  • Ocasionally

Do you know a competitor?:

  • No

It can substitute:

  • Checking timezones manually, asking people where they are, checking an excel or a doc to know where people are and what time is it

Does it allow you to save time?:

  • Yes, it simplifies the task in a way that you can complete it in seconds

Is it easy to use?:

  • It’s really easy: you just set up as a team and send the link to everybody so they add their current location. After that, you can see where everybody is, what hour is it in their timezone, or what hour will it be. Example: where are Remoters team members now?:

Support rating:

  • NA.

Why do you recommend it?:

  • Essential tool for any remote company or distributed team where it’s members are in different timezones.


Date of publishing: 10/05/2016
Name & last name: Christian Oliveira
Tool “slogan”: “Never worry again about timezones within your team”
Profession: SEO and Audience developer at Unidad Editorial
Company: El Mundo & Remoters.net

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