Top Benefits & Perks to Offer to employees in a Remote Work Era

Remote Work - Employees PerksThe COVID-19 outbreak accelerated the adoption of remote work by many companies that hadn’t embraced it yet and were not prepared to do it so. After a few months, and many companies deciding to whether make a full switch to a full remote or hybrid distributed environment, is now clearer that remote work is here to stay, and companies need to update their policies and workspace accordingly.

Perks and benefits play a huge role in attracting employees, retaining their productivity, boosting their motivation, and everything in between. But they need to be updated to keep making sense in a remote work environment in which offering free lunches, unlimited drinks and a ping-pong table at the office are not relevant anymore.

Were you thinking of a pay raise to cut down the stress of finding benefits and perks for your remote workers? Well, according to a Glassdoor survey, 4 out of 5 employees want benefits more than a pay raise, so you might want to reconsider.

Here are the top 10 benefits and perks to offer to your remote employees: 

  1. Professional mental health support
  2. Access to online learning courses/programs
  3. Online coaching programs
  4. Food/Beverage Delivery during the workday
  5. Online workout programs, home gym equipment or gym passes
  6. Stipend for making home office comfortable or going to a Coworking space
  7. Childcare stipend
  8. Annual meetups and gatherings
  9. Paid vacation time with stipend
  10. Private health insurance with international coverage

1. Professional Mental Health Support

Mental health isn’t just a perk but a necessity for every person. When your employees work from home, they juggle between multiple responsibilities and added stress. And that can cause them to experience declines in mental health.

Mental health is one of the most significant barriers to a productive, engaging, and high-performing employee. And according to, more than 70% of the stress is caused by work-related issues.

So your company or organization should think on providing employees with professional mental health coverage and mental health information sessions. Mentally healthy employees will not just be happy but provide their 100% to make your organization take things to a whole new level.

2. Access to Online Learning Courses/Programs

According to Udemy, 42% of employees think that learning and development is the most crucial benefit. Employees are eager to develop their skills and learn. Providing them with access to online learning courses or programs will not just help them but your business.

The more your remote employees learn new skills; it’s more likely they’ll contribute to your organization or business. Hook up your employees with training programs or let them choose their preferred course, program, event or book, then build in paid time for them to take part.

You can also allocate an online learning budget for your remote workers. This way, they can easily spend on the courses, conferences, books, or programs they are interested in.

3. Online Coaching Programs

According to DDI, 67% of Gen X leaders admitted that they would like external coaching compared to 57% interested in external development. Setting up online coaching programs for your remote employees will help them to stay on the same page.

As per your business nature, you can pick any coaching program and enlist all your remote workers in it. This way, they will be able to interact with each other while learning the same thing.

As the remote era has confined us inside walls, online coaching programs are a must for your workers working from home.

4. Food/Beverage Delivery During the Workday

What’s good if your employees aren’t able to enjoy the real benefits of working from home? Hook them up with a fresh and healthy food or beverage delivery service. This way, they can easily order whatever they desire to concentrate on work rather than worry about preparing meals or rushing to the store.

A food or beverage delivery service will not just fulfill the desires of your remote workers. It will help to facilitate the needs of the people around them so that they don’t have to compromise work for dealing with food or beverage related problems.

5. Online Workout Programs, Home Gym Equipment or Gym Passes

Employees who are working from home are often physically inactive. And a lack of physical activity can lead to unhealthiness. A healthy mind is even more beneficial if it’s connected to a healthy body. And that’s why your organization needs to offer your employees online workout programs, home gym equipment, or gym passes.

Handing out online workout programs, home gym equipment, or gym passes will help your employees to stay physically fit. And as healthy employees tend to be more productive, your organization will reach peak performance.

6. Stipend for Making Home Office Comfortable or Going to a Coworking Space

Drawing a line between personal life and work life can be challenging for people who are working from home. And that’s precisely why they need equipment to set-up a comfortable yet office-like workstation in their office where they can feel office vibes.

Many employees don’t have money to set-up an office-like environment in their home. Your organization can assign a budget for each employee, so they can easily invest in ergonomic chairs, tables, and related stuff to build a comfortable yet office-like surrounding in their home.

On the other hand, if you have employees who whether can’t work comfortably from home -due to limited, shared space- or don’t want to do it so, you can also provide an stipend to cover a coworking space.

7. Childcare Stipend

Working from home can also mean juggling between work and personal life at the same time. And it’s tough, especially when a person has parental responsibilities. Assign childcare stipend for remote workers in your organization to efficiently handle their parental responsibilities without any compromise in work.

Your remote workers can use the childcare stipend to access services like professional babysitting or indulging them in online classes. The amount will help them to keep their kids busy and concentrate on work.

8. Annual Meetups and Gatherings

Communication is the key to build great teams. Without communication, there’s no relationship. And if there’s no relationship between the members of your remote team, they won’t be able to fuel your organization or business with success.

Trust and team building are essential for remote teams. And that’s why many remote companies organize annual meetups or monthly gatherings to let workers know each other and connect on a personal level.

Annual meetings and gathering will help your remote workers build relationships and your organization to fly high.

9. Paid Vacation Time with Stipend

Taking a vacation can boost productivity and help one to fight off stress. Remote workers need a break from their work as they aren’t just working at home but fulfilling all their responsibilities. And that can be daunting.

To help your organization’s remote workers reduce stress, and boost their productivity levels, assign them with a stipend for paid vacation time, to better enjoy their time off without being worried about the extra spend.

10. Private Health Insurance with International Coverage

According to EBRI, 83% of employees say health insurance is extremely important when deciding whether to stay in or change jobs. This is especially true for employees living in countries without a free, universal healthcare system. That’s why is advisable to provide private health insurance with international coverage to remote workers.

Besides health insurance being a deciding factor for employees to stay or quit, it will help your remote workers stay healthy when working many times in isolation. More importantly, they can redeem the insurance to knock off any physical or mental situation which will maximize their potential and work performance.

Looking for more remote benefits inspiration and examples? 

We hope the benefits and perks listed above can serve to set yours and make your remote workers happier when working in your organization! There are already a few established remote companies with an excellent benefits and perks package, that you might want to take a look at as a reference:

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