Top Christmas Gifts for Remote Working Professionals and Digital Nomads

Nowadays, roughly 70 percent of the global workforce is either fully remote or works away from their typical office a few times a week. So, odds are, that you already are or know a remote working professional, at least a part-time one.

Since we’re already in December and Christmas is around the corner already, we want to help you choose an amazing gift without top recommendations, so you can always have a great choice whatever your budget is.

1. A new laptop to work on the go

Naturally, a remote working professional’s laptop is one of the few constants in their lives—so having a good, light but powerful one is key. Here’s a rundown on our favorite ones currently on the market:

  • Best for Chromebook Lovers – ASUS Flip C302A
    Affordable, drop-resistant, and boasting a ten-hour battery life, the ASUS C302 this a popular pick for those who live their work lives in Google’s ecosystem. Priced at around $500, it’s the perfect, reasonably priced laptop for the digital nomad in your life. And, because it’s a Chromebook, antivirus software is already built in, making them one of the safest systems to operate.
  • Best for Windows Fans – Microsoft Surface Go
    Now the world’s most valuable company, Microsoft has completely stopped-up their product range, creating quality products at moderately affordable prices. Among their product line, the Microsoft Surface Go is their most affordable, just shy of $’s still constructed with the same, high-quality aluminum construction that it’s more expensive brethren are made of, including many of the same goodies like an HD camera, pen capability, and more.
  • Best for Apple Aficionados – 2018 MacBook Air
    For the die-hard Apple fanboy/fangirl in your life who isn’t exactly chained to a desk, consider gifting them the brand-new MacBook Air. Arguably the laptop that started it all, the MacBook Air, admittedly, isn’t cheap at $1,100—but it is an investment. Go to any urban coffee shop, and you’ll probably see a 7-plus-year-old Mac still trudging along just fine. So, in the end, it’s not all too crazy to spend that much on a Mac, as long as you plan to keep it around for a while.

Do you want to check out more laptops alternatives? Take a look at our best laptops to travel and work remotely post.  

2. A laptop stand desk to work comfortably

One of the challenges of being a remote working professional, especially a digital nomad who works while traveling is to be able to do it so comfortably with a sometimes small laptop, especially while sitting in the right position.

A laptop stand is perfect for those who want to keep a good posture and feel comfortable enough to be able to work for longer hours independently of where they are working from.

Check out the Elekin Laptop Stand Desk and the Roost laptop stand. They are both adjustable, lightweight, easy to fold and carry, as well as reasonably priced. 

3. A screen filter to keep your privacy

One of the risks of working remotely have to do with privacy, and although many remote working professionals take precautions by using a VPN when connecting to the internet, many don’t do the same to avoid people around or behind them to see what they’re doing with their laptops.

A privacy screen filter / protector will make sure no wary eyes nearby can easily see important information on your laptop —like credit card numbers or sensible work data —while working in a crowded coffee shop, coworking space, or while traveling in a train or flight.

Take a look at the Targus privacy screen for Macbooks, the 3M Gold Privacy Filter and the Homy laptop privacy filter, and choose the one that fits better with your laptop model and size. 

4. Noise Cancelling headphones to help you to concentrate

Although many people would mostly use headphones to listen to music, they’re a fundamental work related tool for remote working professionals as they will use them to have conference calls or even concentrate if they’re in a noisy coffee shop or coworking space. This makes them a popular gift option for them. Take a look at some of the top ones to choose from:

  • Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds – TaoTronics Earbuds
    TaoTronics earbud headphones are perfect for digital nomads because they’re much smaller than most noise-canceling headphones, making them easy to pop into your bag when you’re on the move. At just under $30, they’re an affordable option. They also include a built-in microphone for all your Skype meetings, and 15 hours of continuous audio means you won’t run out of battery halfway through.
  • Best Noise Cancelling Over-the-Ear Headphones – Avantree Wireless Headphones
    These headphones are capable of reducing ambient background noise by nearly 70 percent—which is fantastic, especially if you find yourself in a noisy community workspace. A two-in-one Bluetooth wireless and wired design make these high-quality headphones a versatile choice with superior sound quality, giving you an impressive playback time of 40 hours for under $100.

Do you want to see other noise cancelling headphones alternatives? Check out our best noise cancelling headphones for digital nomads post.  

5. Backpacks to bring everything you need with you

One thing all digital nomads have in common is a borderline codependent on their backpacks. But, just because they all serve the same purpose, it doesn’t mean each is created equally. Here are some of the best backpacks you can buy for a remote worker in your life this holiday season:

  • For Overall Use – Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack: Boasting a generous 40-liter capacity and reasonable $120 price tag, the Osprey Farpoint 40 is an affordable choice that’s both small enough to be taken as cabin luggage on most airlines, but large enough to tuck-away a laptop and a week’s worth of clothes.
  • Best for On-the-go Charging – BirkSun Solar Backpack: A comfortable, stylish backpack that also included a weatherproof solar panel? Take our money. This high-tech BirkSun Solar backpack can charge your phone on the phone, or just as quickly, you can plug it into the wall to charge the battery directly. Prices start at just $139, all the models in the product line made from premium, scratch-resistant fabrics to keep your gear in pristine shape.
  • Best for Safety and Security – Kopack Anti-theft Backpack: Remote workers are all too familiar with table-side swiping. Thankfully, the Kopack Anti-theft backpack is clever, stylish, and shockproof. Constructed using water- and tear-resistant materials, it comes in two sizes that hold 15- and 17-inch laptops respectively and has hidden side pockets for safely stashing valuables such as your passport or keys. And, at only $40,99, it’s a bargain.

Do you want to take a look at other backpacks options? Check out our best travel backpacks for digital nomads post.  

6. A WiFi hotspot to keep well connected

Finding a reliable internet connection to work with in a coliving, coffee shop and even coworking space is one of the biggest challenges -as well as a critical requirement- for a remote working professional, especially when traveling internationally. This is why a global, long-lasting WiFi hotspot that allows you to connect many devices at the same time wherever you are, with a fast speed, that is also small enough to carry always with you would make an amazingly useful christmas gift.

Both Skyroam and GlocalMe offer some of the best global WiFi hotspot options, that offer all of the previously described characteristics and even more.

If you want to see more hotspot options to keep connected while travel internationally take a look at our top mobile hotspots for digital nomads post. 

7. A portable charger to never run out of power

Nowadays, it seems that everything we have needs to be charged, especially if we use many of these products to keep connected, informed and work on the go: from mobile phones, smartwatches, e-readers, or even tablets. This makes portable chargers one of the fundamental gadgets to have when working on the go.

Although there are many in the market, we’d recommend to check out the Anker PowerCore 20,000 mAh Portable Charger or the RAVPower 22000mAh External Battery Pack which are some of the highest reviewed, high charge but easy to carry and still affordable options on the market.

So, what are you waiting for? Fill those shopping carts—either online or in-person—and get ready to put a smile on a remote working friend or family this upcoming holiday season.
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