Top Digital Nomad & Remote Work Events 2017

The summer is in the corner and you might have already plans for this season, either to discover a new country to work from, or maybe even go back home to enjoy the sunny days with the family.

We have then thought about which are the top activities to do during the fall, identifying the top digital nomad events happening from September until December 2017. Check them out: 

September 2017


DNX Global

  • Place: Europe: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dates: from 9th to the 10th of September, 2017

This is a one day conference for online working digital professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the world where you will be able to hear Top 10 Speakers, 20 workshops, and masterminds that will gather over 500 people.



  • Place: Thailand, Koh Hanta
  • Dates: from 9th to the 16th of September, 2017

Coworkation have different programs that you will be able to find in different months, but this Thailand program is mainly focused on personal branding, using personal development to encourage professional growth.

Nomad Train

  • Place: Trans-Siberian Train, from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar
  • Dates: from 13th to the 25th of September, 2017

You can hoop on the Trans-Siberian Railway to travel from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital and largest city with like-minded digital nomads. You will pass by amazing cities and surely have a time of your life!

Wifly Nomads

  • Place: Bali, Indonesia
  • Dates: from 17th to the 30th of September, 2017

This program is aimed at people that are ready to invest in making their ideal lifestyle a reality through featured workshop, guest speaker and more. This is a 2 weeks program that can be extended 2 more weeks and would finish on the 4th of October 2017.

Digital Nomad Girls Retreat 2017

  • Place: Europe: Javea, Spain
  • Dates: from 18th to the 27th of September, 2017
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If you are ready to find your tribe of location independent women, and you want to grow your business and learn from other nomad girls, this is your perfect spot for September. A great opportunity to share with others in a perfect place in the Mediterranean Sea.

Nomad City

  • Place: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Island
  • Dates: from 22th to the 24th of September, 2017
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During this camp, you will be able to join over 150 digital nomads for activities, talks, and meetups in this wonderful city. This event is a fantastic opportunity to share and do networking with other like-minded people while you are visiting the beautiful town of Las Palmas de Gran Canarias with other location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

Nomad Cruise

  • Place: From Gran Canaria to Panama
  • Dates: from 25th of September to the 8th of October, 2017

If you are a fan of cruises, you can join other digital nomads in their adventure crossing the Atlantic in this cruise. Don’t forget to pack you lifeboat saver and your swimming costume!

Long Term Retreats & Itinerant Colivings

Hacker Paradise

  • Place: Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Dates: September 17 – December 9, 2017.

They organize trips in different places for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs who enjoy traveling and working remotely and they make everything possible so that you can focus on your personal projects.

Pangea 196

  • Dates and Places: September – Phuket, Thailand.


  • Place: Close to Barcelona, Spain (Mountain Coworkation).
  • Dates: From the 12th to the 18th of September.

They have been operating since 2012 making it possible for entrepreneurs to join others like them and work together making meaningful and deep relations. Everything while enjoying diverse activities in different places around the globe.

The Remote Experience

  • Dates and Places: September: Split, Croatia.


  • Dates and Places: It is a whole month retreat. September: Medellin, Colombia or Bali, Indonesia. October: Bali, Indonesia or Barcelona, Spain. November: Bali, Indonesia.

Unsettled offers a 30-day coworking experience with a community for those who embrace the unknown and want to get inspired by others. Choose the country you will like to visit and the dates that best suit you and off we go. They are adding new places every month, so keep for updates.

We Roam

  • Dates and Places: September: Belgrade-Serbia; Split-Croatia, New York City-USA.

Wifi Tribe

  • Dates and Places: Each month, one country. In September, Cancún-Mexico or Lisbon-Portugal.

Every month Wifi Tribe joins a group of people to visit a different country, and they have 2 different routes every month except in December. Join them in your preferred one and discover the scenery of the place you choose.

October 2017


7 in 7 Digital Nomad Conference

  • Place: Barcelona, Spain
  • Dates: from 3rd to the 9th of October, 2017

During this conference, you’ll learn from people who are location independents and have a 2, 5 or more years of experience at it. Every attendee has the knowledge to share and you’ll meet them as well as many speakers who have something genuine to share. Everything in the beautiful city of Barcelona.


  • Place: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Dates: from 18th to the 22nd of October, 2017

This is a conference of 5 days hosted by the DC (Dynamite Circle) and presented by the TMBA creators Dan and Ian that is held in a 5-star hotel in Bangkok for 250 entrepreneurs running mid 5-figure to 8-figure businesses. It is the perfect place to exchange knowledge and expertise with one another through masterminds, well-defined workshops and meet-ups.



  • Place: Bali, Indonesia
  • Dates: from 9th to the 15th of October, 2017

You can sign up for a week of inspiration in Bali with lush terraced rice fields, looming volcanoes, and fantastic beaches that you will be able to discover together with other digital nomads. If you cannot make it for 7 nights, they give you the possibility to book per night.

Sunny Office Andalusia

  • Place: Zahora, Spain
  • Dates: from 16th to the 23th of October, 2017

This 8 day camp takes places in the quiet and beautiful village Zahora, between Cadiz and Tarifa, that is 300 meters from the beach. It is available for 7 to 15 entrepreneurs and freelancers from all over Europe between the ages of 23-58.

Long Term Retreats & Itinerant Coliving

Digital Outpost

  • Place: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • Dates: from 1st of October to the 25th of November, 2017

This nearly 2 months retreat takes place in Puerto Vallarta, a town centered around the Bay of Banderas in Mexico, host select groups of remote working professionals and graduate students that provide workspace, accommodation, logistics, and activities, so you can concentrate on doing your work while meeting other people and finding new adventures

Pangea 196

  • Dates and Places: October: Saigon, Vietnam.

Project Getaway

  • Place: Bali, Indonesia
  • Dates:  from 1st to the 31st of October, 2017

They gather a total of 20 Entrepreneurs in different places, this time Bali, to have a complete experience that is geared towards successful and aspiring entrepreneurs, who want to join others like them.

The Remote Experience

  • Dates and Places: October: Canggu, Indonesia.


  • Dates and Places: October: Bali, Indonesia or Barcelona, Spain.

We Roam

  • Dates and Places: October: Chiang Mai-Thailand; Belgrade-Serbia; San Diego-USA.

Wifi Tribe

  • Dates and Places: October:
  • Bocas del Toro, Panamá: 13.10.17 – 09.11.17.
  • Barcelona, España: 29.09.17 – 26.10.17.
  • Bali, Indonesia: 29.09.17 – 23.11.17

Hacker Paradise

  • Place: Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • Dates: October 22 – November 18, 2017.

November 2017

Long Term Retreats & Itinerant Coliving

Pangea 196

  • Dates and Places: November: Shanghai, China.

The Remote Experience

  • Dates and PlacesNovember: Bali, Indonesia.


  • Dates and Places: November: Bali, Indonesia.

We Roam

  • Dates and Places: November: Ho Chi Minh City-Vietnam; Madrid-Spain;Austin-USA.

Wifi Tribe

  • Dates and Places: November: Bali.

Hacker Paradise

  • Place: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Dates: November 19 – December 16, 2017.

December 2017

Long Term Retreats & Itinerant Coliving

Pangea 196

  • Dates and Places: December: Tokyo, Japan.

The Remote Experience

  • Dates and Places: December: Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We Roam

  • Dates and Places: December: Bali-Indonesia; Rabat-Morocco; Mexico City-Mexico.

Do you already have any plans to go to any of these? To which want do you want to go? If you we are missing any awesome event you already know about, please let us know in the comments too! We’re looking forward to see you at least in a couple of these!

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