Top Virtual Workspaces Software & Solutions for Remote Teams That You Need To Check Out

Top HR, Legal Compliance & Payroll Solutions to Hire & Manage Remote TeamsThe world of work has been continually evolving since the beginning of the new millennium. Some trends went by while others made their place. Out of all trends, remote work and work from home gained some serious following, thanks but no thanks to COVID-19.

When remote working and work from home started booming out, innovators saw it as an opportunity. They began to create solutions and software so that the companies don’t have to suffer the typical consequences of remote work. And that’s how virtual offices software and solutions were born!

What Is Virtual Workspaces Software?

Basically, virtual office software is a tool that allows you to create a working interface. Moreover, it has features that will enable you to connect with your teammates.

 “I have been using Slack for a long time; it is a virtual office software, right?”

No! Slack, Trello, etc. are collaborative software. What makes a virtual office software stand apart is its ability to promote fast and efficient interactions via synchronous communication. The following are some ground-breaking advantages of virtual office software.

Key-Benefits of A Virtual Office Software
  • Group collaboration.
  • Great productivity.
  • Instant feedback.
  • Fast conversations and interactions.
  • Get to know teammates better.

In this post, we’ll be covering the top six new virtual offices software and solutions for remote teams below. So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Pragli 

Used by the remote teams of Facebook, Asana, GoDaddy, Mercari, etc. Pragli is a virtual office software for remote teams. Pragli is trusted by many multinational and international companies all around the globe.

With Pragli, you can talk and jump into audio rooms with a single click. No more typing down gibberish codes to talk with your team. All the audio rooms of your team are securely encrypted, and WebRTC is used to transmit the data.

To make the virtual work environment more natural and connected, Pragli allows you to create avatars. Build your avatar from the ground up by personally selecting top, accessories, eye, skin color, clothes, etc. Moreover, choose whether you would like to be contacted like a walkie-talkie or a phone-call (better knows as an open door or close door in Pragli).

Pragli is an all-in-one virtual office solution that supports crystal clear video/screen sharing, app integration, security, and more lovely things.


  • Integrate your favorite tools like Slack, Spotify, Google Calendar, etc.
  • Crystal clear video and screen sharing.
  • Free to use.
  • Top-notch security.


  • Fewer customization options in avatars.

2. Loop Team

Admit it or not, we all miss office environments. And that’s why the Loop Team creators are bringing back the best bits and pieces of working in an office to distributed teams via their software. Loop Team helps distributed teams communicate faster, capture ideas instantly, and talk face-to-face – the best recipe to stay connected.

With the Loop Team virtual office software, you can see the real presence of your teammates. From who’s around to who’s available, this tool lets you know it all. Moreover, you are also notified about the relevant discussions and hot topics that are underway.

Speed is everything when it comes to attaining real connectivity. Loop Team software lets you get connected with your team members in just one to two seconds! Furthermore, to join an audio or video call, you just need to click once, and you are in, no more fancy URLs or codes.


  • Know your teammates better via Loop Teams’ rich profile management and time zone organization.
  • Communicate with your team at a blazing fast speed.
  • Get accessible highlights of what you have missed.


  • Loop Team’s support isn’t really helpful.

3. Tandem

Tandem will help you to re-discover the missing piece in remote work – working together in-person. With Tandem, you can see, talk, and collaborate with your remote team in one click. World-class teams of Medium, Dropbox, Airbnb, Notion, etc. used Tandem to revitalize their work-from-home setting.

Tandems’ quick collaboration feature lets you see which team member is working on which app. To tune into the work with your team member, all you need to do is just click a single button. The thing we liked the most about this feature is that the cursor-pointer of you and your partner will be different.

Times zones can be frustrating but don’t worry, Tandem has got your back. The work-mode feature lets you see who’s up working, and then you can collaborate or talk with them as no one likes to receive a work invite in the middle of the night.

Tandem has got it all to be your number one go-to virtual office software.


  • Support over 40+ third-party applications.
  • Group conversations.
  • Quick collaboration.


  • No support for emerging platforms.

4. Sococo

One of the earliest adopters of the virtual office theme, Sococo, was founded back in 2007. Sococo is an online workplace for distributed teams who want to work together and go beyond the limits.

No matter where your team members might be, Sococo will connect everyone on a single feature-full virtual office platform. Famous companies like JetBlue, AgileCraft, Ultimate Software, etc. have been trusting Sococo since starting the whole virtual office thing.

Sococo is collaborative, connected, and yet so simple for everyone. From voice to video chat and screen sharing, you and your team members can connect any way you like via Sococo. With Sococo, you can fearlessly tear down the distances and hire anyone from any part of the world.

The most prominent feature that sets Sococo apart from other solutions is the Sococo Map. Yes, you heard it right. Just like a blueprint or an eagle-view, you can see your office and your team members in real-time.


  • Brings team close with Sococo Maps.
  • Spontaneous collaboration.
  • Free trial plan.
  • One of the earliest adopters of the virtual office software theme.


  • Sococo free trial ends soon.

5. Wurkr

Wurkr replicates your physical office with its feature-full video platform. With Wurkr, you can communicate with your team members in real-time and see what’s going on.

Just like a regular office day, you can log into Wurkr, meet with your colleagues, invite them to work together on a project, and have fun while doing everything. And what’s surprising is that you don’t have to be in the fuss of managing things as Wurkr does everything for you.

Wurkr lets you enjoy perks like messaging, screen sharing, inviting external guests, track team members, and more. It’s one of the most complete virtual office software for remote teams to many users and us.


  • Free for up to a team of 50+ people.
  • Unleashes the productivity of team members with its easy-to-use tools.
  • Simple and straightforward UI.


  • Limited customer support options.

6. PukkaTeam

Remote work or work from home lacks a real-time presence. But PukkaTeam brings your team closer with its automated selfie photos, simple one-click video calls, and more top-notch features.

Used by Cisco, Tesco, Uber, Nokia, and other famous firms, Pukka Team keeps everyone connected in your team and create an office-like atmosphere.

PukkaTeam automatically updates a snapshot of all your team members using face-recognition AI to tell who is or isn’t on their desk – means no longer calling an empty desk.

Pukka Team has made remote team communication simple and straightforward. Try out PukkaTeam today for free for 14 days without entering your credit card details!


  • Real-team presence.
  • Automated selfie photos.
  • One-click video calls.


  • Limited features.

With virtual offices software and solutions, you can set-up office-like environments anywhere and anytime. Try out these new solutions and see which is worth shifting your team to.

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