TripModeName: TripMode
Category: Connectivity
Languages: English
Price: Freemium


App type / Devices/ OS:

  • App

You need:

  • e-mail



  • 4/5


  • Allows you to use your phone as a hotspot without consuming all of your mobile data, as it allows you to enable your connectivity only to the apps you choose.

The best:

  • It works both in Mac & PC and also informs about the data you used in your sessions.


  • It’s easy to forget that you have it enabled once you leave your mobile connection.

The worst: 

  • Nothing.

Do you consider it essential to:

  • Working on the go, when I use my phone as a hotspot.

How often do you use it?:

  • Weekly.

Do you know a competitor?:

  • No.

It can substitute:

  • Nothing.

Does it allow you to save time?:

  • No, it allows me to save my mobile data.

Is it easy to use?:

  • Yes, is very intuitive to turn off and on.

Support rating:

  • NA.

Why do you recommend it?:

  • To save your mobile data. It’s already essential for me every time I work and connect on the go while using my own mobile data, to avoid spending it with tools like Dropbox, for example; and only use it for the ones I really need at that time.


Date of publishing: 20/03/2016
Name & last name: Aleyda Solis
Tool “slogan”: “Your Mobile Data Savior”
Profession: International SEO Consultant
Company: Orainti &

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