Virtual Business Address for Remote Companies: What is it and How to Get One

Virtual Business Address for Remote CompaniesThere are various reasons remote companies might choose to invest in a virtual business address. For many companies that work on a remote model, it’s not uncommon for most staffers (management included) to work out of their home offices or while traveling as digital nomads.

With dozens, or sometimes hundreds, of employees in different locations, often globally, this can create an issue when it comes to providing clients or customers with a business address.

So, many remote companies have opted to use a virtual business address instead of lacking an address. But what exactly is a VBA, and what are the benefits of having one?

Defining a Virtual Business Address

A virtual business address is different from a P.O. Box. Generally located in an office building or mailing center, a virtual business address provides remote companies with a place their mail can call home. You cannot use a P.O. Box to register your business, and it’s unlikely you can receive all of your packages through a P.O. Box either.

So, if you’re unable or unwilling to use your home address, a virtual business address can come in handy. Virtual business addresses allow for the safe retrieval of all of your mail and packages by a professional staff. If you live close to your VBA location, you can pick up your mail and packages. If not, most companies that offer VBA services let you easily forward your business mail to your home address.

Not only does a virtual business address add a little professionalism to the appearance of your business, but it’s a fantastic way to prevent handing out your address to everyone with which you complete transactions. Overall, a VBA is a tremendous addition to any remote company, regardless of size.

The Benefits of a Virtual Business Address

The way the world works, literally, is changing. Hybrid and fully remote companies are the norm now. Workers are saying goodbye to cramped cubicles and hello to personal home offices and coffee shop settings.

The remote model has been super for the mental well-being of employees worldwide, creating freedom, skyrocketing production, and making for a happier work environment. With the switch to remote came the need for a virtual business address. While it may seem unnecessary, plenty of benefits come from a VBA.


Businesses that work remotely are not the only entities to benefit from a virtual business address. Freelancers find VBAs convenient, adding a layer of professionalism to their name and brand.

No matter how much business culture has changed over the years, first impressions are everything. Suppose you own a smaller business and are currently trying to grow your brand. In that case, it’s crucial to have a fantastic first impression. A virtual office, or a virtual business address, is the perfect way to remain professional while you’re working from home.

So many businesses allow their employees to work from home, and even corporate giants like Zillow and Slack have given up massive office buildings to work from home. However, using your home address on business communication still manages to look unprofessional. In very basic terms, a VBA looks like you’ve invested in a professional office space, even when you’re working in your pajamas.

Choosing Your Venue

A virtual office allows you to choose the venue you want. In many cases, business start-ups or freelancers might not have the extra money to invest in an office space. Virtual offices make it possible for you to work from home without lowering your standards.

For example, you might choose a virtual office on the upscale side of town, and if it’s virtual, you won’t have to pay the deluxe price. You no longer have to break your budget by spending money on an entire office space that will impress your clients. Chances are, they aren’t coming into your office anyhow, as your communications are likely virtual. Still, they’ll get that lasting first impression of the building in which you choose to operate.


There are few things more critical to your business than establishing your brand. The whole point of branding is for your audience to recognize you right away. When your activity levels pick up, this means that your company is moving in the right direction.

This uptick in business might also mean that you can no longer avoid meeting clients in person, as you’ll need to meet face-to-face to discuss certain aspects. Many virtual business services allow paying clients to come in and utilize an office or meeting room to gather with clients or hold small business meetings with employees.

Having a beautiful space to meet not only gives that great first impression that we were discussing, but it keeps you on point with the professionalism you want your brand to convey. Just because you have a virtual address doesn’t mean you have to meet your clients at your home or a coffee shop. Look for a virtual business address company that offers meeting spaces.

Call Services

Never underestimate the ability of fantastic call service. Yes, social media is crucial to the survival of your remote company. It would help if you had a following, exposure, and an online presence to compete in such a saturated online market, regardless of your industry.

However, answering calls is essential to keep in contact with potential clientele. All businesses deal with different demographics, and it’s important to cater to all of them. Older generations still enjoy making phone calls and gathering as much information as possible.

While you might find more leads on social media, every client you have will feel more confident in your services if they can get in direct contact with you or your customer service team. Many virtual business addresses come with call services that can forward client calls to you, no matter where you are in the world.

Telephone business still plays an important role in most industries. Your image matters, and you’ll want to work with a VBA that offers front desk services capable of weeding out solicitors as well. It’s like having a personal receptionist without being in a professional office setting, and it works wonders for client impressions.

Better Advertising Overall

A virtual address gives you the option to stay in the game with local competitors, even if they have a local address and you *technically* do not. Google search engines are huge for local businesses, especially when potential clients are searching for your services near them.

With a virtual business address and a little bit of other search engine optimization magic, you’ll effortlessly show up on the first page of your local search results. Google can list your location as a pin on a map, so users can tell exactly where you are. You probably don’t want your home listed under that pin, but instead your VBA. Customers love the option of choosing a business that’s close to them.

Save Money

Depending on your location, renting actual office space can be a significant investment. If you want to bring your clients into a beautiful, well-maintained office, but you’re short on cash, a virtual business address is a fantastic option.

Rent prices are at an all-time high everywhere, for both homes and business rentals. When you use a virtual business address, you get the professional look without paying an astronomical price, and most companies offer various packages so you can pick and choose what you need from your VBA.

No Commuting Expenses

One of the best parts of not having an office space dedicated only to working is the lack of commute. A virtual office negates the need to spend money on the little things that add up, such as gas, coffee, and snacks for the ride. Employees that rely on public transportation will never have to risk missing a bus or train, and they’ll save money by not paying to get to work.

A virtual office or VBA provides you with a headquarters while contacting clients and co-workers from home. It’s the perfect solution for many small to mid-sized businesses, freelancers, and contractors. Even large companies have seen success utilizing a VBA.

Save Yourself Time

Virtual business addresses save time for remote companies, primarily when receiving packages. Suppose you don’t want to give out your home address to clients, either for personal or professional reasons. In that case, a P.O. Box can truly jam up your deliveries.

Plus, home addresses are at a higher risk of lost or stolen mail. Virtual business addresses eliminate this issue entirely, as there will be someone present to accept your mail securely during business hours. Of course, if you’re more comfortable receiving your mail at home, you absolutely can still do this, just ensure that you’re home when expecting sensitive or noteworthy mail.

Upholding Personal Privacy

Many business owners allow clients into their lives more than they ever have due to social media and transparency practices. That doesn’t necessarily mean you want them knocking on your door. Giving consumers access to your personal address can set you up for a potential invasion of privacy.

Instead, choose a virtual business address as your central hub for conducting business, and allow yourself to disconnect from work when you decide that you’re for the day. Working from home saves a ton of money, and you can’t beat the convenience factor. However, having an office space or central location, virtual or not, is essential for owning a business.

Selecting a Virtual Business Address

Choosing a virtual business address that will work for you is vital to conducting business. There’s no point in going with a VBA that doesn’t have what you require, such as a receptionist or available meeting space.

On the other hand, you don’t want to overpay for perks that you won’t need. It’s always a good idea to make a list of pros and cons to help you make any significant decision. Still, we’ll touch on what you should look for in a virtual business address.


First and foremost, you want to choose a virtual business address plan that fits within your budget. Many available VBA service providers offer plenty of options. Still, if you feel like you’re overpaying, you’ll likely cancel your services instead of making the best of them.

Some VBA services give clients a list of plans, and you can pick which one best suits your needs. It’s not unlike working with a website builder or even a streaming service. Subscription levels have different perks. Just as Hulu asks that you pay more for their ad-free version, virtual business address companies could require higher payment for access to meeting rooms.

However, this isn’t always the case. Some providers offer specific services requiring all clients to pay one price for a virtual business address. No two VBA companies are the same, so it’s vital to conduct your research before deciding.


Before you choose a virtual business address, you’ll want to ensure that the company you choose has all the services, such as reception or mail forwarding, that you require. From accepting your packages to reception greeting your clients before a meeting, there are so many things that make a VBA service an excellent addition to remote businesses.

Since your VBA service is coming out of your yearly budget, getting what you want from your package is imperative. Take the time to review and speak with your potential virtual business address providers to solidify what they can do for your company and then decide from there.


Before you choose a virtual business address, you’ll have to figure out whether or not the address must be close to you. Many freelancers, contractors, and small businesses work with VBAs that aren’t in their general area. If you don’t have to hold meetings or meet clients at a professional office space, you can consider a location that isn’t close by.

On the other hand, if you want to have a place to hold a meeting or client consultations, you should have your VBA within close driving distance from your home. Again, it all comes down to what you need.

Top Virtual Business Address Services

When choosing a virtual business address, weighing the pros and cons is crucial. You need a service that will work well with your company, providing a certain level of professionalism while enhancing your business credibility and image.

Most virtual business addresses come with call services, upscale branding, and better advertising, allowing you to save money in the long run. In short, a VBA is more official than using a residential address or asking networking connections or consumers to contact you only digitally.

Here, we’ll expand on a few of the best virtual business address services available today, so you can choose the one that will work best with your business needs.

1. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered AgentNorthwest Registered Agent is a well-respected company that’s been in business for over 20 years. They’re experienced in helping companies with many services, including establishing LLCs and providing registered agents and virtual business services. They offer lifetime customer support and an incredibly convenient and user-friendly online dashboard.

Northwest Registered Agent is a fantastic virtual business address provider and the top choice for many businesses of all sizes. They’re family-owned, so they understand the needs of small and mid-sized companies, primarily when it comes to operating remotely.

The pricing for Northwest Registered Agent is reasonable but varies depending on the services you choose, the extent of the services you require, and where you live in the United States. Northwest Registered Agent specifies a flat fee of $29 monthly. Still, we suggest you call them for in-depth pricing details, which won’t be an issue for most clients as they have stellar customer service regarding every aspect of their business.


  • Instant online service
  • Mail forwarding
  • Easy online dashboard access to business services
  • Store scanned and stored documents
  • Same price yearly
  • Office lease and unique suite number provided


  • Lack of information on the website
  • Not available in all states
  • It doesn’t have as many features as some of the competitors
2. Alliance Virtual Office

Alliance Virtual OfficeAlliance Virtual Office works to flexibly grow businesses and provide virtual business addresses to assist companies of all sizes scale quickly without leasing or purchasing an expensive office space. With over 1,200 global locations, it’s super easy to start and build your brand from a more professional standpoint.

Alliance allows clients to get started immediately, booking their virtual offices online. Alliance offers live reception services, virtual phone numbers, and co-working spaces, depending on the features you choose to go with your membership. Contact Alliance for details regarding pricing.


  • Exceptional, around-the-clock support
  • Many features, including meeting rooms and co-working spaces
  • Live receptionists
  • Provides a business phone number


  • Limited pricing information available online
  • Their website doesn’t outline commitment times, such as monthly or annual fees
3. DaVinci Virtual Office

DaVinci Virtual OfficeDavinci you set up your virtual business address and profile quickly and efficiently. They understand what an official address can do for brand reputation and provide it, along with plenty of other features, to show your business in the best light possible for consumers.

While DaVinci doesn’t offer much information regarding their pricing plan, they have a convenient form on the site you can fill out for a fast quote. Your VBA fee will likely depend on the features you choose, though they have many options available to make your business look more official than a home address.

DaVinci offers thousands of businesses the ability to move their address beyond the garage and into the heart of a city.


  • Business name on the lobby directory
  • Lobby greeter
  • Conference rooms
  • Mail forwarding
  • Day offices
  • Conference rooms available


  • No pricing information is available
  • They do not provide a phone number
4. Opus Virtual Offices

OpusVOOpus Virtual Offices include over 650 locations across the United States so that you can bring your business to a well-known urban location without the hassle of a physical move. Opus offers all-inclusive services for $99 monthly and promises not to charge any additional or hidden fees.

While the fee might be higher than other VBA companies, it’s essential to keep in mind that they include many other features that other companies might count as an “add-on.” Opus often runs special promotions that users can take advantage of upon registration.


  • Corporate mailing address
  • Live receptionists
  • Company phone and fax
  • Voicemail converted to email
  • Business credit building
  • In-person meeting rooms
  • All features included in the monthly fee


  • Not many options available pricing or feature-wise
5. iPostal1

iPostal1iPostal1 has over 2,300 locations available for digital mailbox services. They have an abundance of pricing plans available for each service they offer and a comprehensive breakdown of what those plans offer on their website. iPostal1 allows clients to pay for their services annually or monthly, and pricing ranges from $10 to $40 per month or $100 to $400 annually.

Instead of having consumers add features to a base price plan, iPostal1 has pre-configured plans, which can make it easier for many business owners to choose the plan that works for them instead of building one. iPostal1 has gone above and beyond regarding the features included on every plan without additional cost, ranging from free applications for Android and iPhone to flexible VBA shipping choices.

As one of the most popular VBAs on the market, if you’re looking for something extremely streamlined, iPostal1 is a fantastic and affordable choice.


  • Many services and pricing plans are available
  • Easy automatic payments
  • Can pay for services yearly or annually
  • Affordable
  • Change plans at any time, whether you need to downgrade or upgrade
  • 24/7 digital mailbox access
  • Over 2,300 locations


  • Plans are set in stone, and you cannot add or take away features like you can with some other VBA companies

Selecting a Virtual Business Address for Your Remote Company

As a business owner, you have a myriad of decisions to make daily. Sometimes, it’s just as challenging to run a freelancing or start-up company as a major corporation. You’ve worked hard to establish your brand thus far, don’t let your home address take away from your perceived grade of experience.

A lot of research is necessary to find the right VBA provider for your business. You’ll want to start by comparing features and pricing and then get very specific with your company’s needs from a virtual business address. Don’t hesitate to call and ask questions, as you want to choose the VBA that will work for you!

By choosing a virtual business address that fulfills your needs and opens a line of communication to your clients, you’re choosing to put your business ahead of the competition. There is nothing wrong with working remotely, and in fact, potential employees expect it.

Nevertheless, a VBA adds a level of trust that your customers need to take their business with you a step further. Choose the professional route and pick the perfect virtual business address for your business today!

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