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Virtual Office Virtual office brings back the energy of working in the same room again. Based and (soon) certified in Germany, Virtual Office offers a new take on permanent home office. Companies looking to reduce hard office space can switch to Virtual Office and manage their teams all in one place. has features for:

  • Hybrid Teams
  • Full-remote Teams
  • Agile Coaches & Innovation Workshops

We will rebuild your office – virtually – so you don’t lose out on interpersonal encounters: Get away from cold meetings, endless video conferences and just invite guests and bring back serendipity and fun in your everyday home office job.

Features like Screen sharing, synchronized Videos or directly embedding Websites for powerful and seamless meetings and presentations: File upload, sticky notes, timers, audio zones, and the option for private talks round up the whole experience.

The product is perfect for agile coaching as well: You can easily upload custom pictures and essentially walk on them to integrate them into your coaching program.


Your Review:
A little whacky around the edges but all in all a solid experience!
iFrames, screen sharing, and the like offer a great collaboration between different teams and workflows.

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What are the “pros” & benefits?:

  • Virtual Office is extremely easy to use, share and participate in: Create an office, select a name, invite your team members, get guests onboard and start collaborating.
  • Virtual Office offers an encrypted peer-to-peer connection, offering virtually no input lag while connecting teams across the world.
  • Implementation of nearly every tool.

What are the “cons” & issues?:

  • The tool is just three months in the making, so there’s still a few bugs to catch.
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Please add your comment sharing more about why you would recommend this tool or not and how could it be better?
Please add your comment sharing more about why you would recommend this tool or not and how could it be better?

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