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Remoters: Aleyda Solis & Elisa MartinezAleyda Solís and Elisa Martínez are co-founders of Remoters. One day Aleyda and Elisa were talking about the new work paradigm that they were already starting to live, each one from their own perspective:

  • Aleyda works independently and travels constantly to different countries and continents;
  • Elisa, also works independently, and left Madrid to live where she wanted, by the beach and she travels every month with her laptop in her backpack;

They decided to create a platform to promote the new paradigm of work that is now possible thanks to a more mature Internet: to work remotely doing what you like without restricting your professional options, independently from where you are or live as digital nomad, traveling while working without necessarily having a fixed location… and was born! 

You can see read more about Aleyda and Elisa in their remoters’ interviews.

What’s our vision for #remoters? is a platform with resources, advice and useful information for remote professionals, digital nomads and distributed remote teams, which is offered at the moment via:

  • Interviews: Featuring the journey of digital nomads or remote professionals & teams, where they share about their experience and provide actionable tips for a successful location independent work experience.
  • Events: Listing the most important meetups, camps, retreats & conferences for digital nomads or remote professionals.
  • Remote Jobs: A free remote jobs board that allows any company to publish their remote job advert to hire fast.
  • Remote Jobs Seekers: Experienced remote based professionals looking for their next remote based jobs, who have answered an interview describing what they’re looking for.
  • Colivings: A list with +50 colivings from all over the world, where digital nomads can stay, work and network.
  • Tools: A list of useful communication & productivity tools that will allow you to effectively work remotely.
  • Blog: News, trends & guides about remote work & digital nomads. goals are:

  • Making reality the dream of many professionals who would like to become digital nomads or start working remotely from a place of their preference based on their interests: the beach, the mountain, another city or while traveling to many destinations.
  • Become a source of resources and support that facilitate the day-to-day of digital nomads, professionals or teams that are already working remotely, with a cost effective operation, not only from an individual perspective, from also from entire organizations that work remotely.


We believe that there are different trends that are creating the new jobs market and lifestyle reality:

1. Job reality: “in-person” vs. “remote”

There are companies that operate uniquely working with in-person teams that should fulfill a certain work schedule in their offices, by following a paradigm that was created a very long time ago, a time when the only possible way to work was by being physically in a certain place, in a pre-Internet era. These are usually traditional companies, that still distrust the type of productivity that you can have with a remote operation or flexible schedule.

Nonetheless, there’s a new type of organization, mostly younger companies whose business is tech or online based, that have identified not only a business & marketing opportunity on the Internet, but also an operations platform, realizing that thanks to the available worldwide access to it there’s no need to be at a given place to effectively develop a job’s daily activities if there’s the right work organization and setting for a remote operation.

Remote work reality allows these organizations to have a more diverse, usually better qualified (as they don’t have to restrict themselves to hire people based at a given location but they have a pool of candidates around the world) and more cost effective (with less expenses related to a physical office & operations).

2. Lifestyle reality:  “traditional” vs. “preference based”

We have been raised until now to have a traditional “in-person” lifestyle: to physically work in companies, having to live wherever we work.

This reality has also certain personal preferences limitations from a lifestyle perspective, that are restricted to only be enjoyed during vacations.

For example, people who would like to live by the beach, or in the mountains, or at a particular destination because they love it, or in their own town or at a city where their family live, or without being based at a particular location, but traveling across different countries.

Sadly most of the people can’t do it do because in order to develop their professional life they need to be physically located at a certain place, sometimes one that they don’t particularly enjoy, where they also will suffer the inconveniences of a daily commute, higher cost of living, etc. without really loving it.

Nonetheless, with the new remote work reality, besides the increasing amount of Internet based jobs, the popularization of more flexible freelance job options, co-working spaces, better worldwide Internet connection, and the low cost of flights and longer term accommodation (thanks to collaborative services such as Airbnb) it’s now possible to have a non-traditional but remote lifestyle based on your own preferences and interests: living & working from wherever you like without restricting your professional potential.

This doesn’t only allows people to be happier with a better adjusted lifestyle, but more productive and efficient at their jobs.

We believe that this work & lifestyle paradigm change is highly beneficial for professionals, organizations and companies around the world and we want to help make it a reality:

  • Helping organizations that still don’t believe that they can still be productive and beneficial by being a remotely distributed company, to open themselves to the opportunities of remote hiring and operations, without leaving it to less skilled, outsourced, freelance jobs.
  • Helping to improve productivity and solving daily issues of remote professionals and digital nomads.
  • Guiding people who would like to start working remotely or become digital nomads, without restricting their professional careers, but don’t know how to start.

We want to offer all this not only in English but also in Spanish, as we believe that there are many Spanish speakers (as ourselves) that could benefit with this new work & lifestyle paradigm.

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