WildWifi 2024 – Coliving Namibia

WildWifi 2024

  • Website: https://wildwifi.co
  • Event Type: Long Term Retreat
  • Event location: Windhoek, Namibia
  • Event starting date: 01.01.2024
  • Event end date: 30.04.2024
  • Price of the Event: From 1140 Euro
  • Organizer Name: WildWifi
  • Event language: English

WildWifi presents a temporary, retreat-based coliving event in Windhoek, Namibia, exclusively designed for digital nomads and remote workers aspiring to live more intentionally, achieve their best work, and embark on collective adventures in nature and wildlife.

With community meet-ups, weekend getaways, and thrilling safaris, it’s the perfect way to kickstart your African adventure.

Here’s how it works:

The minimum stay is one month, but we strongly recommend at least two months to fully embrace this extensive event. We commence together at the beginning of the month and conclude together at month’s end.

Accommodation Options:

You can choose between single bedrooms with private bathrooms or shared bedrooms with private bathrooms, accommodating a maximum of two people.

Coworking & Connectivity:

We offer a high-speed 150 Mbit fiber internet connection, air-conditioned indoor workspaces, and shaded outdoor coworking areas. You’re also welcome to utilize your private rooms or explore cozy coworking coffee shops for a change of scenery.

Why Namibia?

Namibia boasts English as its official language, aligns with the European Time Zone, and is recognized as one of the safest countries in Africa. We actively engage with local friends and culture, ensuring you’re not confined to a digital nomad bubble.

Who Is It For?

This experience is tailor-made for adventure enthusiasts eager to make the most of their free time. If camping, off-road excursions, sleeping under starry skies, and BBQs around the campfire resonate with you, WildWifi is your perfect match.

See you soon on your African adventure with us in Namibia! 🌍🌟

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Please add your comment sharing more about why you would recommend this event or not and how could it be better?

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