Make the world your office by attending YonderWork, a two-months getaway for remote workers.

You’ll travel to locations around the world whereyou will be able to work remotely, learn new skills and enjoy the best parts of travelling together.

  • Category: Digital Nomads
  • Location: Santiago, Chile; Copenhagen, Denmark; Bali, Indonesia; Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Start date: 8th of April 2017; 17th of June 2017; 2nd of September 2017; 4th of November 2017
  • Finish date: 3rd of June 2017; 12th of August 2017; 28th of October 2017; 17th of December 2017
  • Price: From $2800
  • Organised by: Yonderwork
  • Language: English
  • URL: http://www.yonderwork.com/
  • For: Remote workers and digital nomads
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