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The top HR software and solutions in Remoters: Legal, Compliance, Payroll, HR Benefits, and Hiring & recruiting software; all HR solutions for distributed teams and remote workers. Check them out and automatize your HR needs and processes.

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Adaface is a skill-based recruiting tool for remote companies, provides recruiters with the ability to create customizable assessments to screen candidates based on job descriptions and on-the-job skills.



Bring on contractors, or hire employees with Deel as your employer of record (EOR). Your dashboard brings together everything you need to generate and finalize contracts, pay team members, and manage invoices—all in one place.

Let's professionals handle the complexities of running your global HR operations while our software keeps management simple.



Hire globally, without the red tape. Panther takes care of global payroll and compliance, so you can build the best team on the planet.



Boundless is a legal employer of record for growing companies with international workers, in a number of countries.

Automated Payrolls, Time Off, HR Tools, and Compliance Made Simple for Remote Teams.



Hire faster with short skills challenges: Stop wasting time on unqualified candidates. Start your hiring process with quick skills tests and focus on top performers only.

Remote HR, Legal, Payroll and compliance Solutions for distributed companies.

Remote HR, legal, payroll, and compliance solutions are being used in almost every company right now. But why are they being used, and should your company start using them? Let’s dive in and get quick answers to all your questions!

Why Are These Solutions so Useful for Remote-Based Companies?

After the COVID-19 pandemic, every company is transitioning to remote work. And now, they need a supporting hand to manage their staff that’s running the business. And that’s where these solutions come into play.

Remote HR, legal, payroll, and compliance solutions are powering remote team operations with everything they need to replicate the physical office, but just better. From global payroll and payment to HR apps and other features, these solutions have everything to make remote-work reach its full potential.

Not only are these solutions being praised by the remote-based companies, but companies who are now operating from home due to the pandemic. These solutions help both remote and non-remote based companies efficiently manage their HR, legal, payroll, and compliance sectors right from their laptops and smartphones.

Are you not using these solutions? Below, check out why you should.

Why Should Companies Start Using Them?
  • HR, legal, payroll, and compliance solutions provide an all-in-one hub for automating everything in your company.
  • It allows you to pay anyone anywhere with one click using your favorite payment method.
  • Hire globally without worrying about global payroll, benefits, and compliance.
  • Manage your team with just a few clicks.
  • Easy onboarding and off-boarding of members from all around the world in minutes.
  • Expert support, accurate payroll, automated payments, and a dozen of features to help you build an excellent employment platform for your international team.

Made-up your mind to invest in a remote HR, payroll, legal, and compliance solution? Check out the key criteria to select one for your remote company.

Key Criteria To Select The best Remote HR, Legal, Payroll, & Compliance Solution For a Remote Company?

Here are three things that will help you to pick a perfect solution for your remote company:


See all the available features and check to see if they are all you need in your remote company.


Next up, check if the solution checks out the value for the money characteristic. We recommend our readers to first use the trial version before buying any solution.


It takes time to absorb new solutions, so your software must have an excellent support team to assist you 24/7.

Go through the remote HR software and leave your review or submit one for free here.
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